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Bonnie Says! BFFs- You'll Love Watching The 'Real Housewives of New York' Tonight!

Thu, March 4, 2010 4:10pm EDT by Add first Comment

If you want non-stop drama — feuding, back biting, high school mean girl antics — but performed by fully grown women, then you can’t miss tonight’s first episode!

The Real Housewives of New York cast has been busy since last season ended. The Countess has divorced, Jill Zarin’s husband Bobby has dealt with cancer, Kelly Killoren Bensimon was arrested for punching out her boyfriend, and Bethenny Frankel’s been knocked up and is planning a wedding!

But what really seems to have happened is that everyone is pissed off at Bethenny, and boy, are they piling it on her! Now whether it’s actually because the 39-year-old suddenly hit the trifecta — getting the right man, a pregnancy, and an engagement ALL at once — or because she told Jill to “get a hobby,” or asked the Countess to split a bill for going out together — is unclear.

But it doesn’t matter. Jill can’t wait to tell everyone and anyone how Bethenny betrayed her. And the Countess and Bethenny have a “drink” together that is so bipolarly bizarre that you will want to replay it repeatedly. You know how you sometimes think something really mean about a “friend” but you’d never say it to their face? Well these women do!

Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC

They say things to their face, and then behind their backs they say MORE to the camera! Ramona Singer, who’s 53, thinks she looks pretty damn hot in a bikini, and that she even looks like an older version of Cameron Diaz.

Now of course the other girls don’t disabuse her of that notion directly, but when she turns away, yep…she ain’t no Cameron! — they make sure we know.

Then there’s Bethenny’s nude photo shoot for a new PETA ad and I’ll tell ya, she definitely bares all — no wonder the show is on at 11:00 at night.

Now don’t think I’ve told you everything, because I haven’t. There’s loads more crammed in to this eyeball-riveting hour. So get in your jammies, have a glass of wine ready, put up your feet, and enjoy. You have your Thursday night date all set for the next several weeks !

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