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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! 'Amazing' Moms Shawne & Monique: 'Some Days You Didn't Sleep!”

Wed, March 3, 2010 7:48pm EDT by Add first Comment


Amazing Race contestants Shawne and Monique dish to us exclusively about extreme physical conditions, inside alliances, and what happened to Brent and Caite.

“People have no idea how grueling it is!” said Shawne Morgan, 39. “You don’t see how much running is involved. You can’t tell we just finished a 2-mile run with a heavy backpack.”

Intense physical demands, sleepless nights, and 12-hour stretches of fatiguing travel finally caught up with mom/attorneys Shawne and partner Monique Pryor, 39, when they were eliminated from the competition this week on the Amazing Race.

“Some days you did not sleep, you tried to find the time in between” to rest, said Monique Pryor, 39.

Though Shawne and Monique were clearly physically suffering while completing the challenges in this episode, they managed to finish them all and not give up — even when they knew they were in last place.

Big drama unfolded this week when Brent Horne and Caite Upton appeared to get food poisoning. Though they took themselves to the emergency room, some cast members raised doubts how sick they really were.

Shawne confirmed with us that the pair were definitely ill. “We saw them being sick, their faces were pale. We gave Caite some electrolytes to drink.”

While the mom/attorney duo were naturally disappointed to lose this week’s challenge, they loved the overall experience, especially alliances with the other teams. “We were on the East Coast Alliance with Mike Naylor and Louie Stravato, and Jordan and Dan Pious.”

“Jordan is hilarious anyway, and Mike and Louie were so funny! When we were in the llama pit, Mike kept saying ‘These damn llamas!’ and cracking us up,” said Shawne.

“We still keep in touch with them every day,” affirmed Monique.

On returning to family life, they’ve gotten major support from their loving hubbies. “Our husbands were so supportive, it’s all been ‘you’re still my hero!'” said Shawne.

And in the end, the mom/attorneys were happy to set an example for their kids to never give up. As Shawne said, “We were happy that they saw what we did. The whole example is that you don’t give up. Give your all and try. Dare to do something different.”

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