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Tonight's the Night BFFs ! Bachelor Jake Pavelka — Forget Tenley and Vienna, Go Back To Ali!

Mon, March 1, 2010 10:13am EDT by 5 Comments


Do you agree with us that Jake will make a BIG mistake if he gives his rose to EITHER Vienna or Tenley? ?

Hey Jake Pavelka, we really don’t think you should give out a finale rose to either Tenley Molzhan or Vienna Girardi tonight on the season finale of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love (airs at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC)! Because of their pasts, neither deserves your love. Instead, you should chase down Ali Fedotowsky and try to win her back! As she said on last week’s special episode, The Women Tell All, “If I knew what I know now, I would choose love over work.” Jake, if you went after Ali, we guarantee she would take you back!

But, if you do choose one of the other women, please consider that both of their pasts may cause issues for your futures together.They both have a history of troubled marriages: Tenley’s husband left her and Vienna supposedly cheated on her husband  and emptied $5000 out of his bank account while he was deployed overseas.

We spoke with Season 9 Bachelor Lorenzo Borghese to see what he thought about both situations and he said that “a girl who comes from a troubled marriage is usually more skeptical about the idea/unity of marriage.” “Tenley [specifically] may need more convincing that love when she finds the right person can, in fact, last forever,” he continues.

And when it comes to Vienna, she’s the one who caused the trouble in her marriage. Relationship expert and author, Maryanne Comaroto says, “Lying, manipulation, seducing your partner to get what you want, bartering with sex, being self-serving, being untrustworthy, lacking respect for one’s self, and cheating” will guarantee that you will make a marriage fail. And if Vienna has done all of these in the past, she “has no history of having displayed behaviors that would lead anyone to believe she will suddenly mature now.”

Jake, we really hope you make the right decision to let both women go tonight and to return to Ali, who  doesn’t have  a troubled past and who seemed much more sincere in her feelings about you . Ali wants you to know, “I truly believe that our lives are measured by the risks we take…if I could go back and do it differently, I would.”

Jake, this is your chance to make it right with Ali, so go ahead and win her back! She’s very much ready to be your co-pilot in the flight to love!

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Now do you agree that Jake should dump both Vienna and Tenley and give his rose and love to Ali?

– Lindsey DiMattina


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