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Is Angelina Jolie Going To Star As A Baby Killer In A New Movie?

Mon, March 1, 2010 7:14pm EDT by 1 Comment
Getty Images

Getty Images

Can you believe that ‘World’s Greatest Mom’ Angie would take on the role of a child killer?

Angelina Jolie has played some pretty dark characters in her career, but this latest role could take the cake! The actress is in talks to develop a new movie which will see the Oscar-winning actress go totally against type as a maniacal baby killer.

Producers are itching to make “Serena: A Novel” into a big-screen flick with Requiem For a Dream‘s Darren Aronofsky directing, reports Though the script is still in the early process, the film, like the book, is set in 1929 North Carolina. Angelina is attached as the titular character, Serena, a bride who joins her husband in the southern state to create a timber empire.

When her husband has an extramarital affair and produces an illegitimate child, Serena’s anger over her husband’s infidelity and inability to have a child of her own causes her to go on a murderous rampage with her husband’s son as the main target.

The industry was whispering which project she’d take on next now that she’s dropped out of Wanted 2 (though the sequel is still in the works). For “Serena”, Angelina, 34, would be certainly playing against type! Can you imagine the mama hurting any of her precious brood? No way in heck!

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