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EXCLUSIVE! Find Out What I Learned Spending The Day With Lauren Conrad!

Fri, February 26, 2010 5:29pm EDT by 6 Comments


Check out what Lauren Conrad spilled to me about her future TV plans, secret celebrity crush, beauty must-haves and so much more!

I’ve been a huge Lauren Conrad fan since the very first episode of Laguna Beach all those years ago and I loyally followed her when she moved to The Hills. So, when mark cosmetics invited me to go out to DePaul University in Chicago to join Lauren on her m.powerment by mark campus tour I happily jumped at the chance. Hang out with Lauren for a day? Why, of course!

I met up with Lauren on Feb. 25 before she went on stage to talk about her m.powerment by mark campaign to fight dating abuse and sign copies of her new book, Sweet Little Lies. Lauren looked super cute in a navy blue French Connection dress and sky high black peep-toe Louboutins. “I don’t match!” she joked before heading on stage.

We hung out backstage and chatted about everything from her new ombre colored hair, to her first drink on her 21st birthday (champagne, duh!), to how you can tell if a guy is right for you based on his favorite soup (FYI, ladies, according to Lauren you DON’T want to date a corn chowder lover!) to her future TV plans. Plus, I was lucky enough to watch her talented glam squad, makeup artist Amy Nadine Rosenberg and hair stylist Kristin Ess get her camera ready. I definitely picked up some great tips that I’ll be sharing with you! And, since I’m sure you’re all dying to know. Yes, she really is that pretty in person. And yes, she really is that nice and cool too! I also learned a lot about LC, too.

She’s really passionate about her involvement with mark m.powerment.

  • “I wanted to do something that affected young women. I liked this because I feel like its not one that’s addressed a lot and I thought it fit in with their brand because its all about women being independent and empowered. When you think of abusive and unhealthy relationships you think of older women. You don’t think of a 15-year-old with her first boyfriend. But that’s when you’re learning about relationships. You’re setting the guidelines about what you’re going to follow for the rest of your life. I think it’s important to educate women from the beginning so that when they’re having these relationships and learning about dating they’re doing it in a healthy way.”

She isn’t denying a new reality show in the works!

  • When I asked Lauren if she was coming back to TV anytime soon she said, “Possibly. What did you hear? That’s very interesting that you’ve heard that. It would be nice to find a balance. I left and it was this huge sigh of relief. I was like ‘I’m done!’ It was so nice to just have a personal life and be able to breathe. And have stuff on my face and not care. When you’re on camera a lot you just have this weight where you have to think about everything you say and you have to make sure your hair doesn’t look funky and you have to do your makeup. It’s an added pressure so when that was gone it was really nice. But I really loved working on the show. It was just the personal stuff I didn’t like. If I can find the balance where I can do what I was doing but I don’t want it to ever affect my friends and family and relationships.”

She’s got a super random celebrity crush!

  • Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe, that’s my boyfriend! He’s a charming man. He is! He’s like so nice and then he’ll break into song. He was an opera singer. I was watching one where he was cleaning organ pipes and then he started singing. I watch it sometimes and it makes me feel better about my job. I have to reason to complain.”

She really does write her own books and loves it! And, wants to write more!

  • “It’s a really fun process. The first one was kind of stressful for me because I’d never done it before. Once you get it down and you learn to stick to a schedule it gets better. The second one I enjoyed a lot more. I have the whole next week set aside to write because I’m a little behind. The third book is where she pulls herself back out of it. I hope to write another series. But I’m trying to finish my third one and then move on from there.”

She’s ready to start designing on her own.

  • “I have my Upstairs line coming back – my party dress line. It will be very different though. I took a break from it because obviously I had my Kohl’s line. I want to do it on my own. Everything I’ve done has been partnerships and even if you have creative control, there’s always someone telling you what to do. So this one will be one my own. It’s very exciting but very scary.”

She’s all about ombre hair!

  • “One of my friends that is way cooler than me did the thing where they literally dip your hair in bleach and she has dark roots and it looks so cool. I want to do it but I’m not cool enough to do it. This is more of a fade. It’s kind of like how my hair was before I touched it. The darker color is my natural color but I would go to the beach in the summer and it would bleach out and then grow out during the winter so in the spring this is how my hair would look.”

She’s a total Gleek!

  • “I am obsessed with Glee. I’m counting down the days. I was listening to it this morning. I have all the songs down. Everybody loves Glee. I think you have to be able to sing but I would in a second guest star just so I can meet the cast. I like Rachel. The songs are so amazing. They’re cheesy and they own it.”

Lauren de-stresses by cutting her own hair!

  • “I decide to cut my own hair when I get stressed so I have to do braids and twists to tie it back. I’ve decided several times to do bangs, and then I cut them and they look crazy. I did it once and I thought I looked like someone and then I go ‘OMG, I look like Hannah Montana!’ I had my hair straightened and I had bangs. When you stress out you want to change something.” – Marta Topran