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Janell Wheeler Shouldn't Have Gotten The Boot From 'American Idol!'

Fri, February 26, 2010 12:32pm EDT by 3 Comments


Why did the wrong girl get voted off Idol’s Top 24 last night? I should have voted. Damn!

Soulful, fashion-forward blond Janell Wheeler got prematurely booted from American Idol last night, Feb. 25, and I feel personally responsible for her demise. I actively did not dial 1-888-IDOL-01 and vote when Ryan Seacrest urged me to — but I should have!

“What’s the point?” I thought. “My measly vote doesn’t make a difference.” Welcome to America, folks, where every voice is heard.

What’s done is done. Janell, a 24-year-old Orlando, Flor. native (who used to date Heisman award-winning college quarterback Tim Tebow), kicked butt during Hollywood week with her rendition of “American Boy.” Unfortunately, she chose to sing Heart‘s “What About Love?” during the first live performance and it was weak and pitchy at best.

America didn’t like it, and now she’s gone. But I think we should have given her another shot and kicked off the other blond chick, Didi Benami.

Ashley Rodriguez, 22, was the other girl given the boot and I was totally fine with that decision. Even though there wasn’t anything technically wrong with her songs, her attitude got on my nerves. Sure enough, when Ryan told her she was leaving, the diva got crazy eyes and acted like she was going to personally hunt down every single person who hadn’t voted for her. Simmer down, my dear! Acting all crazy-pants is never a good thing.

Bottom line? Janell, you will be missed. Ashley, goodbye and good riddance!


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