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Kelly Osbourne Opens Up About Losing 42 Pounds!

Thu, February 25, 2010 9:48am EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment
Getty Images (2)

Getty Images (2)

WOW! Kelly O. looks amazing! And she tells all about how she got her bod into amazing shape!

Who isn’t completely shocked by Kelly Osbourne‘s amazing new body? The songstress and reality star has been dropping the pounds left and right since competing on the ninth season of Dancing With The Stars.

We ran into Kelly at the G-Star show during Fashion Week, she confessed she’s lost a total of 42 pounds! Her motivation? Nasty comments from complete strangers. “First I’m too fat, and now I’m too skinny,” she told us. “That’s the way I look and if you don’t like it … deal with it!”

Well, anyone who can’t deal with Kelly should make a run for it! Because after you read all about how she got her super buff bod, you won’t want to mess with her!

Kelly’s workout!

She’s all about the Bar Method! “I work out with my mom’s trainer once a week,” she told us. “We do toning and I do the bar method which is pilates and ballet mixed.”

According to here’s a breakdown of what this workout routine consists of!

  • Shapes and elongates every major muscle group:  Burns away fat around these muscles, and then stretches them. The result is a clearly visible change in body shape. Muscles look longer and more defined, the body becomes leaner and more slender, and posture becomes more erect.
  • Alternates between exercises: that demand intense bursts of energy and deep stretches. This format produces both a high caloric burn and firmer muscle mass.
  • Body sculpting workout: challenges the body’s strength and endurance throughout the class and delivers a high level of overall fitness.
  • After a simple warm-up: to get the heart rate going and the muscles warm, you work the upper body with free weights, push-ups and stretches using the ballet bar. Next come challenging exercises for the lower body, most of them performed in various standing positions while holding onto the bar.

Kellys “Diet!

  • She won’t eat carbs and she’s loves water! “No bread, no pasta,” she told Us Weekly. “I love 5 pounds by eliminating starchy carbs and soda. I try to drink a gallon of water every day, but it’s very difficult because I have to pee every second!”
  • Portion control! “If it’s on your place, people think you have to eat it,” she confessed to Us Weekly. “But if you’re full, then just stop eating. Just because it’s there, you don’t have to eat it.”
  • She doesn’t like to call it a diet. “I know that a diet is a quick fix,” Kelly told Us Weekly. “If you want to lose weight for good, you need to make a commitment to a life change.”

A typical meal:

  • Breakfast: Egg-white omelet with turkey bacon
  • Lunch: Chopped salad with tomatoes, salami, mozzarella and garbanzo beans
  • Dinner: Turkey burger with a salad or a side of steamed vegetables.
  • Snack: Sugar-free Jell-O

— Chloe Melas