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Vienna REALLY Wants To Get Married! Do You Think She's Ready?

Thu, February 25, 2010 2:45pm EDT by 3 Comments


Experts agree that love isn’t enough to make a marriage between Vienna and Jake last!

Vienna Girardi, I have one question for you … do you think at 23 you’re mature enough to marry Jake Pavelka? Given your age and your partying past, you need to really consider what a commitment like marriage requires! My thoughts: you’re NOT ready to take the plunge, and our experts agree that love just isn’t enough to make it work!

Relationship expert and author, Maryanne Comaroto says, “I have been working with people for over thirty years and observe that change does not come without hard, concentrated efforts and seeing the consistent value in doing so. [Vienna] has no history of having displayed behaviors that would lead anyone to believe she will suddenly mature now. Very few people at this age do.”

Amy Levine, sex expert and founder of Sex Ed Solutions, agrees that “most people don’t change in the name of love. They change because they have hit rock bottom and choose to make it better for themselves, their partner and the relationship. Only Vienna knows if she has left her partying and promiscuity in the past.”

Statistics also prove that women who marry in their early ’20s have a higher rate of divorce. Maryanne points out that, according to, “women who marry between the ages of 20-24 have a divorce rate of 36.6 percent, which is the highest — double that of 25-29 and quadruple of those 29-34 (which is 8 percent.”)

And Vienna, Maryanne says “lying, manipulation, seducing your partner to get what you want, bartering with sex, being self-serving, being untrustworthy, lacking respect for one’s self, and cheating” will make your relationship fail! So, if you want your life with Jake to last, you have to be completely honest and put your past behind you because marriage “is a committment to yourself, each other and the relationship… and it takes a lot of work,” Amy says.

– Lindsey DiMattina