Bachelor Lorenzo — Vienna's Vixen Ways Don't Matter, Love Has the Ability to Change People!

Tue, February 23, 2010 7:59pm EST by 9 Comments


Jake, Lorenzo thinks Vienna might just be mature enough to become your wife!

Hey Jake Pavelka, Season 9 Bachelor Lorenzo Borghese has a thing or two to say to you about falling in love with Vienna Girardi!

“Don’t analyze her by her past. Love has the ability to change people,” Lorenzo, 37, tells Now that Jake’s down to the final two, he has some tough choices to make. But, should Jake go with the sweet Tenley Molzahn or Vienna, who’s only 23 and has a partying past? Shockingly, Lorenzo says that Vienna might be the better choice!

“Actually, the girls that I went to college with that were the biggest partiers were actually the first to settle down.  It seemed like their maturity level changed overnight,” Lorenzo shared with us, adding, “Furthermore, love has the ability to change people.  Partying is often done to escape reality because there is a void in someone’s life.”  But, will Jake be the able to fill Vienna’s void? The jury’s still out…

Lorenzo warns, “Jake, don’t analyze Vienna by her past.  Who in their youth didn’t party now and then? Try to be a good judge of character.” And, if you do believe Vienna’s sincerity, then she deserves a chance. However, if you have the least bit of doubt, “let the party girl go!”

HollywoodLifers, do you agree that love has the ability to change Vienna’s partying ways? Vote below!

- Lindsey DiMattina

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Posted at 1:11 PM on March 3, 2010  

You people are SOOO jealous of Vienna…LOL It’s hilarious!
YOU don’t know SQUAT about her. She seems very nice to me.
You shouldn’t pass judgement on someone you DON’T know..
TENLEY was a BORE and Ali is just plain NASTY!! Her TRUE character came out on the show! MEAN and SELF ABSORBED!

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Posted at 10:27 PM on March 1, 2010  

Tenley is only 25! What’s with the age complaint that keeps popping up everywhere?!? Yes, Tenley appears to be more mature, but she’s a freaking doormat. She agrees with everything and just wants to please please please everyone. Part of being mature is realizing that it’s okay to be selfish every once in a while.

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Posted at 3:03 PM on February 24, 2010  

vienna is 23 years old for crying out loud. she’s still a kid in the grand scheme of life. what’s great about kids is that they do everything without hesitation exactly as their heart tells them to do it. they can fall in love deeper and differently than we do as we get older. bless their tender hearts, including vienna’s. if she acted a little slutty and has worn her sexuality on her sleeve in the past, i could care less. i love that she is so vivacious and does everything exactly as she wants to without weighing and balancing who is going to think what. i LOVE that!!! bless her for being able to do it! i’m so afraid that after all these b!tches trashing her in the past for such insignificant things, she is going to change- and that will be the true tragedy. if jake is able to see past her immaturity, it’s a sure sign that he loves her. i hope he trusts his heart, and isn’t too old for that. young people don’t filter themselves, that’s why old people are so endeared to them, unless they’re overcome with jealousy because they lost that spark in themselves.

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Posted at 2:58 PM on February 24, 2010  

It’s not just that Vienna “partied”. She allegedly cheated on her brand new husband right after he had been deployed overseas. I think she married him for military benefits probably hoping he would return home in a box. Then she pilfered their bank account for $5,000 for a boob job. This constitutes dishonesty, deviant behavior which is wayyyyyyyyy worse than just “partying”. Don’t minimize her bad behavior. She will do the same to Jake.

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Posted at 3:08 PM on February 24, 2010  

she said that marriage was an immature mistake, and i don’t think the guy has accused her of stealing his money, has he? for all we know he wanted her to get a boob job so that he could prance her around as his little trophy. again, though i don’t follow this stuff, i haven’t heard anything saying that he is badmouthing vienna in the press… isn’t it all confidential sources and “friends” of the ex? if you don’t know what she came through in her lifetime to get where she is now, you can’t judge her, i can’t judge her. to me, she’s just a girl trying to make her way through life and still a little clumsy at it. there has never been any doubt in my mind that her feelings for jake are genuine, and that’s all that matters. jake knows her better than you or i do, and if he sees a diamond in the rough, who the hell are you to think you know differently?

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Posted at 10:43 AM on February 24, 2010  

Jake! the choices you have made?????hm! Wienna uhuh, watch out for her dad……and Tenley with her babyvoice….I would like to shake her and say act natural…….. I looked over all the girls on mondag, there were really some great girls there????????….and Ali ….hm! go away Jake!

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Posted at 4:32 AM on February 24, 2010  

I really think Jake will decided not to get married I think he will walk away and that will be the end.
Jake is so charming,classy,smart,fun,sexy and he will not have no hard time to find better women in his life.

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Posted at 4:29 AM on February 24, 2010  

Vienna will be mature enough to be your wife. I hope Mr.Lorenzo hoping he is telling the real truth.
Vienna we hope you will make Jake happy I do not even know if they will be together.
I do not even think that Jake will pick her I have doubt.

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Posted at 4:26 AM on February 24, 2010  

Jake just be extra careful specially if you pick Vienna.
She is young we hope she will be mature enough and she better not to be spoiled and high mainenance for Jake. Jake if she do not behave my good advice is to find someone else. Jake you are damn smart and handsome.
Jake remember that Vienna and her past life with her Ex-husband and watch for her families.

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