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What Do YOU Think Of Spencer Pratt’s Newfound Spirituality? Is He Genuine, Or Is It Just Another Publicity Stunt?

Sat, February 20, 2010 10:38am EDT by 6 Comments


Spencer claims he’s a whole new man! What do YOU think?

Could Spencer Pratt, 26, have truly found enlightenment? We’ve certainly noticed a change in his online behavior over the past couple of months, as he’s gone from tweeting his usual self-centered nonsense to tweeting about yoga and how he cries almost every day. It sounds strange, but if you ask Spencer, he’ll say it’s all part of his new spiritual lifestyle. Heidi Montag‘s hubby was spotted walking the streets of Los Angeles on Feb. 19, and he couldn’t wait to tell the press all about his new ways! According to photographers, Spencer “explained the benefits of chanting, crystals and rambled virtually incoherently.” Uh… whatever you say, Spencer. Tell us, BFFs — do you think Spencer has truly embraced a new spiritual lifestyle? Or is this just another textbook Speidi publicity stunt?

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