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If Elin Stands By Her Man Tomorrow It'll Be For Money, Say Our Experts!

Thu, February 18, 2010 2:38pm EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments


If Elin really does show up to Tiger’s press conference tomorrow we believe it’s just for one reason – cash!

Elin Nordegren, we may have figured out why you’d stay with your cheating husband Tiger Woods …cold, hard cash! We spoke to an attorney who tells us that you’ve most likely signed a” personal services “contract which allows you to appear to have a functioning marriage but really you’re divorced … just not legally. The contract would enable you and Tiger to settle your financial, child visitation and any other issues without going to court and filing for divorce. “They can agree to anything they want,” says Florida attorney Chris Mancini. “Tiger can deed the title to the house to Elin and put it in her name – he can do a number of things. He can say you must pretend to be my wife and make appearances in public.”

If  Elin does have a personal services contract she could even make it a condition that if Tiger cheats again she would get a large sum of money. “If I were her attorney I would tell her to sign a lifetime personal services contract,” says Mancini. “Since no divorce has actually been filed in their case, the courts don’t have jurisdiction over Elin and Tiger.”

Relationship expert Dr. Rhonda Findling says she thinks Elin’s making a huge mistake by staying in the marriage. “If it were me I would definitely NOT stay in the marriage,” says Rhonda. “A lot of this has to do with the money. Personally for me I don’t think it’s a healthy situation and I think she could do a lot better.”

Chloe Melas

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