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Should Elin Literally Stand Behind Her Man Tomorrow?

Thu, February 18, 2010 11:05am EDT by Chloe Melas 15 Comments

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Do you think Elin should stand by her man when he faces the press for the first time tomorrow?

Tiger Woods will speak for the first time at a press conference Feb. 18 and apparently will apologize for his infidelities and discuss his golfing future. So should his wife Elin Nordegren go with him and have his back — Silda Spitzer-style? Does it make her look weak?‘s Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller believes that if Elin attends the press conference it will set a terrible example for women everywhere. “If you go you’ll look like a doormat to the women of the world,” says Bonnie. “You’ll lose all respect from women who could view you as a role model.”

A source close to Tiger confesses to PopEater’s Rob Shuter that Elin isn’t planning on going this Friday … but that could change. “It’s hard enough for her to try and make this marriage work,” says the insider. “The last thing she wants to do right now is stand next to him in front of the world’s press.” Nevertheless, Tiger must be an awfully convincing man — he’s already persuaded her to drop her divorce proceedings for now and could make a convincing case for her to appear tomorrow. It would certainly help him with his advertising sponsors — after all, if Elin stands behind him, they may feel more comfortable doing so too.

Elin should not support Tiger during his mea culpa, agrees relationship expert Dr.  Carole Lieberman.”Elin will or should be humiliated by the lies and rationalizations that Tiger will give out,” she says. “She will make herself look pathetic or a laughingstock by seeming to support him and believe his lies.”

Bonnie believes that Elin’s presence will only hurt her in the long run. “Elin, don’t you dare go to Tiger’s press conference,” says Bonnie. “It will be sheer torture for you to suffer even more public humiliation. Your first appearance with him should be when he plays his first match.”

Do you think Elin should go to the press conference? Tell us what you think!