BREAKING NEWS! Tiger Woods Braves the Public Eye and Goes Out on the Town For a Jog

Wed, February 17, 2010 7:03pm EST by 10 Comments


It looks like Tiger is finally ready to show his face to the world as he prepares for his highly-anticipated press conference in Florida this Friday

Does this look like a man under pressure to you? Getting ready to face the world for the first time since his multi-woman cheating scandal broke over Thanksgiving weekend, Tiger Woods braved public scrutiny and hit the town for a run with his personal trainer.

Looking fit and composed, the philandering golf pro, 34, released some stress while running with his trainer in Florida Feb. 17, just hours after announcing that he will conduct a press conference on the morning of Friday, Feb. 19 at the PGA Tour headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Tiger is expected to speak publicly for the first time ever about cheating on his wife, Elin Nordegren, 30.

“Tiger will be speaking to a small group of friends, colleagues and close associates…at the TPC Sawgrass clubhouse in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Tiger plans to discuss his past and his future and he intends to apologize for his behavior,” the athlete’s sports agent, Mark Steinberg, told Bloomberg News. He added, “Tiger feels as though it’s time to make amends and to publicly do that. This has all come together quite quickly.” When asked if Tiger will discuss when he plans on returning to the golf course, Mark stated, “It’s probably just best that you be there.”

As he gears up to make his first attempt at salvaging his marred public image, Tiger is still working on trying to patch up his marriage. He and his cuckolded wife Elin had dinner together on Feb. 16. “They are still living separately,” a source close to the couple told “But they had dinner together and that’s a big development.” Despite his pleas that she move back home, Elin and Tiger went separate ways following the meal.

Although she’s put her divorce lawyer on hold, Elin is still taking it slow when it comes to decide as to whether she’ll take her husband back in the wake of his multiple extramarital affairs. Obviously Elin is still on the fence as to whether a Tiger can actually change his stripes. Wouldn’t you be?

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Posted at 9:30 PM on February 17, 2010  

I have prayed for weeks for Tiger Woods to break his silence and to come public so that he and Elin can move on with their life. I just hope that whatever Tiger and Elin decide to do in the future will work the best for them and their two precious children.

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41 Magnum Madman

Posted at 9:22 PM on February 17, 2010  

Just shows how sad this society has really become, it’s the reality TV generation gone wild, the new America better get some of the old American values back soon, there’s and old saying “tend to your own knitting”, maybe some of the voyeurs should try living a real life, their own.

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Jim S

Posted at 6:54 PM on February 17, 2010  

The word is “Baited” breath. I wonder if Tiger’s bait is working? Most watched event in 2010? LOL

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Posted at 6:53 PM on February 17, 2010  

I am still a fan of Tiger!!!!
His wife knew what she was getting into when she rushed and married him… Leave the man alone!
When he comes back and saves the game of professional golf, I will be there as if I never left!
Kinda like most of yall support Marv Albert and Kobe!!!

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Posted at 5:04 PM on February 17, 2010  

I feel your “philandering” was in poor taste. Give him a chance and thank God you don’t have his issues or heartbreak. Hang in there,Tiger More people love and still respect you and your talent than you know!!!

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Posted at 6:11 PM on February 17, 2010  

lol… how is “philandering” in poor taste! what else would you call it? it’s a very nice way, in fact, to say the un-nice truth that he was whoring around. if you think that’s too tough a word choice, you’ve got a serious soft spot for the guy! like him or not, he was philandering!!!

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annie smith

Posted at 4:40 PM on February 17, 2010  

Every man and women cheat, your just have not got Caught yet,

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Posted at 9:26 PM on February 17, 2010  

Every man and woman is a cheater? I’m guessing you have some serious trust issues.

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Posted at 4:37 PM on February 17, 2010  

Breaking News? Reserve this attention grabber for monumental items (IE: earthquake in Haiti, WTC attacked, US bankrupt, etc.) the announcement of a press conference 2 days later is not of great urgency. Especially in the ongoing soap opera of Tiger Woods.

Baited breath? Only if it would attract a rabid weasel to gnaw out my tongue rather than allow me to spread anymore gossip on this matter.

He messed up, his wife and he are dealing with it. End of story. NEXT!

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Posted at 4:32 PM on February 17, 2010  

Well I think it time to get of Tigers case a lot of you puratins wish you could get laid as often as he had, the part of beening famous there is a lot of glamour seaking lays out there that are looking for peice of him to make buck or any Star or person of power.
I think men have more integrate when comes to srewing around most will keep there mouth ziped up, that not true of women because they belong to the oldest profession in the world?????????????????

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