Angelina Jolie, Did You Have Plastic Surgery?

Wed, February 17, 2010 9:30pm EST by 42 Comments,,

What do you all think? Angelina – dare we say it – nearly looks disfigured in these photos. Could she have had a neck or facelift?

This is NOT the beautiful Angelina Jolie we know and love. No, this lady is a weird creature with a suspicious-looking neckline. We hate to say it, but did Angie, 34, cave in and have a little nip/tuck?

Our experts say no way, Jose!

Torrance, Calif.-based cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Petti, “That’s nto even where any plastic surgeon would put a scar, which would be around the ear.”

Adds Dr. Petti, “Angelina Jolie is a perfect example of the divine proportions of beauty. She is the epitome of beauty.”

Another cosmetic dermatologist we spoke to told us that the photo was much more likely to be the result of Angelina being “extremely thin” rather than because of a bad plastic surgery.

Other surgeons may have postulated that the strange bands around her neck were caused by some procedure, but we spoke to five doctors, all of whom told us that it was unlikely this weird physical circumstance had anything to do with a surgery.

Which is one of many reasons partner Brad Pitt loves her!

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Posted at 4:56 PM on August 18, 2014  

Yes, this is Photoshopped.

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Ruth Hussey

Posted at 3:27 PM on January 28, 2013  

MANDIBLE IMPLANT DUHHHHH she is soo skinny that the implant stretches her skin too much.

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Hira Khan.

Posted at 5:30 PM on September 29, 2010  

Omg she Prob did but i wouldnt haha lool :O

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Posted at 12:24 AM on March 15, 2010  

Doubt it; doubt it very much.

But I’m going to have Plastic Surgery! ONLY if The surgeons can do magic and

make me look like her. Yep, right…if they could do that we ladies would all be

standing in line.

Sincerely though, what makes her so gorgeous is her loving inner light shines


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Posted at 8:38 PM on February 21, 2010  

haters stop hating cuz she is a beauty in and out side

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Posted at 10:57 PM on February 20, 2010  

again…PHOTOSHOP people!

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Posted at 2:46 PM on February 20, 2010  

Who cares if its real or fake?Do camera people deliberately chase her down attempting to get an example of imperfection.This is not newsworthy.leave the woman alone.No one looks perfect in every photo taken.

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Posted at 6:39 PM on February 19, 2010  

TOTALLY FAKE!!!!!! She’ beautiful inside and outside. Photographer y’all SUCK!!!!

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Posted at 8:17 AM on February 19, 2010  

Totally doctored photos, the lines aren’t even the same in each picture. THere are 3 in one and 2 in the other.

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Posted at 6:42 AM on February 19, 2010  

Hi I really shock with this type of unpleasant story and photo. Please I will really like to know the end of this story, so please always keep me informed.
Thanks for your understanding.

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Posted at 2:00 AM on February 19, 2010  

Give me my minute of life back, killed on reading this non-sense!
Photos indeed look fake and even if she had botox , who cares??? Its hollywood and the necessity to maintain and “upgrage the assets”There was a starlett in her 20`s that underwent 18 of them in one day… the hills girl.
P.S Angelina Jolie is stunning!

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Posted at 1:08 AM on February 19, 2010  

I don’t get wats the buzz about that thing near her jaw…it looks photoshopped cuz in every pic of Angelina you never see that thing near her jaw and why would a 34 year old wanna look younger and do surgery Angelina is beautiful.I guess since Angie and brads marriege is doing good the media needs something else to attack Angelina. Leave Angie alone she is having a Great time in Venice with her brad and kids…Angelina your beautiful.and why is the articles title “what is wrong with angelinas face” it’s not even in her face it’s near her jaw …anyways that photo is photoshopped and I’m here to defend you Angelina your beautiful.

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jeff ARey

Posted at 11:32 PM on February 18, 2010  

Those are caused by taping. This technique has been employed by many since the silent era. it involves stretching/pulling the skin back to create a more youthful appearance and taping it in place. it is a temporary alternative to surgery used by stars and make-up artists on movie sets the world over. I suspect this shot was taken on set too.

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Posted at 10:51 PM on February 18, 2010  

Fake! As if she would need plastic surgery, the girl is gorgeous! I’m 34, I’d hate to think that people actually believe I’m at the age where its required. My GOD people!
Anyway, who cares …. to quote Cher, “If I want to remove my tits and put them on my back, that’s my business”. You people are all Vultures looking to profit on your continued quest to see the demise of celebrities. Don’t you all think you have HARASSED Angelina and Brad enough … you people are disgusting!

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