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What Does Khloe Kardashian Love About Hubby Lamar Odom? Let Her Count the (10) Ways!

Fri, February 12, 2010 9:15pm EDT by 15 Comments


What do you love the most about your respective other? Is it his muscles, his eyes, his personality or…

Ah, love. It changes a girl, you know? Just look at Khloe Kardashian, who, one year ago, was so unlucky in love that she even hosted an anti-Valentine’s Day party. But this year the reality starlet has done a complete 180 thanks to the love of a good man, husband of five months Lamar Odom.

To get in the mood for her first Valentine’s Day with basketball playing hubby, Khloe posted the top ten things she loves most about Lamar, 30, on her personal blog.

“I can’t wait to curl up with my husband in bed for an all-day movie marathon!” the 25-year-old gushed Feb. 12, adding, “I can’t imagine anything better. There are so many things I love about Lamar, and in honor of Vday, I wanted to share 10 of those things with all of you!”

Check out Khloe’s list. It’s straight up love, no chaser. And yes, that means the real deal.

Top 10 Things I Love About Lamar (in no particular order)

1. I love Lamar’s heart. He sees the best in people ALWAYS. Even when it’s hard to do he still finds it in him and sees the best in that person. He’s taught me to do the same.

2. I love Lamar’s eyes. They are big and brown but they tell you so much about him because he always stares directly into your eyes.

3.His Lips… He has amazingly soft lips. He knows how to use them :)

4. I love how Lamar talks to me in his sleep. It’s one of my favorite things!!!

5. I love how Lamar opens doors for me.

6. I love how family oriented Lamar is. In both our lives, our family is our pride.

7. I love how Lamar doesn’t settle. His goals are set so high and he always wants more for himself in his career and personal life and he won’t stop until he gets there. That motivates me to be better.

8. I love that Lamar prays.

9. I love Lamar’s soul. He is genuinely such a sweet amazing person. Through his life of ups and downs and such huge accomplishments, he still manages to be the kindest and most generous person I’ve ever known. Being around someone like this only makes you a better person.

10. I love Lamar’s laugh. When I hear it, I start to laugh!

“To my husband, best friend, and soul mate, I LOVE YOU!!!! How did I get so lucky?!?”

How many things do you just absolutely adore about you significant other?