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Closing in...'s Favorite Comments of the Day!

Fri, February 12, 2010 7:05pm EDT by 1 Comment

Kristy wants to “live the simple life” with Taylor Lautner, Sprice reminds us that money can’t buy love, and Michael loves Kelly Clarkson no matter what size she is!

Hey BFFs, check out our favorite comments of the day! We are so excited about our new commenting system, and we hope you like it! Here are the people who had the choicest words for us today:

Taylor Lautner, You Celebrated Your 18th Birthday With A Workout — What A Shocker!

Kristy loves Taylor Lautner, “so much,” but not like the other crazy girls! She wants to live “a simple life” with Taylor! Do you think the world’s most famous werewolf is ready to settle down?

“alright . it’s okay to spend b-days by working out ! he wants to keep up his shape on his b-day , so GUYS it’s NOT a big deal !! and it is up to him .he’s 18 so he absolutely can do WHATEVER he wants . i just hate hearing news like this ! it’s his personal life , so when he hears the news or see it on a magazine , he’d be irritated !if anybody goes to work-out or sth , people won’t care cuz he’s not a huge deal, so it’s the same with taylor & any other celebirty !! Taylor , i love you so much , but not like the other Crazy girls(fans) , really :) i totally want 2 be with with you & live a simple life , only if u open ur eyes on the perfect girl … i adore u .. love u Taylor , hope u really know what i tried to say :) & Happy Birth-Day :)”

Kelly Clarkson Gains More Weight – But So What?

Michael loves Kelly for her talent, and thinks it’s dumb that people get caught up in her weight. Right on, Michael!

“Why do people get so mad over her weight? I don’t know. I love her, no matter what size she is. Tired of defending her fuller figure against inconsiderate morons who are probably bigger than she is. Besides, I’ve seen her in person and she’s not even that big. Great article!”

Tiger Is Trying To Buy Elin Back With A New Boat! Should She Take Him Back?

Sprice points out that money only buys company, not love. Good point, Sprice!

“Yes, it does appear like that’s exactly what Tiger is attempting to back Elin; but this could be just a way to show his new commitment to her. Could anyone be so confused, so captivated, so childish to think they can buy LOVE? No, money can only buy COMPANY..not even companionship!”

Angelina Jolie Always Overshadows Jennifer Aniston On Her Birthday! Do You Think It’s On Purpose?

Lisa reminds us that Jen looks great because she doesn’t have six kids to look after!

“I am sure the Earth shook Haiti so that Angelina would overshadow poor Jen… Deep deep analysis here. And I agree Jen looks better than she did 10 years ago – hey, no kids, no sleepless nights, no burdens – who is selfish in this picture?”

Keep commenting, girlfriends!