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HollySay-What? Ashton Kutcher Claims Marriage To Demi Moore Is “Like Burning Your Finger On A Stove”

Fri, February 12, 2010 1:07pm EDT by 1 Comment


Translation please. Do you think Ashton really meant to say his relationship to Demi is painful?

Ashton Kutcher has always been the king of weird comparisons, but this one really had us stumped. During a press junket to promote his romantic comedy Valentine’s Day Feb. 10, the actor/new media mogul didn’t compare his marriage to actress Demi Moore to flowing water, Shakespeare or blossoming flowers — he claimed love was like…burning his finger.

“When you fully connect your soul to another person you become one,” Ashton, 32, said, describing his nearly seven year relationship with the 47-year-old actress, reports the Daily Mail. “It’s like burning your finger on a stove. You don’t yell at your finger for getting burned, it’s part of you.”

Even though it took him awhile to get there, the analogy-seeking charmer finally hit the nail on the head, and said, “When your partner gets hurt it’s really hurting you too. You have someone to share the joy and pain of life. That’s the best part of marriage.”

So…does the finger represent Demi and the brain represent Ashton? That kind of makes sense, but we’re still stumped on where the stove comes into the picture. Ashton may be the Twitter King, but he’s certainly no poet.

How do YOU describe love?

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