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Bachelor Jake — Do You REALLY Think Vixen Vienna Can Be Your Wife? Do You Know Everything?

Wed, February 10, 2010 3:39pm EDT by 2 Comments


Jake, we, your fans don’t like Vienna Girardi at all! And, now her past has given us even more reason for us to want you to send her home!

Jake Pavelka, please please please stop giving roses to Vienna Girardi on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love! ABC calls her “Vixen Vienna” for a reason … and not just because of her obnoxious behavior on the show. Vienna has, let’s just say, an interesting , and according to a new report in Us Weekly, she has always lived a scandalous lifestyle! From alleged dalliances through high school and college to reported affairs while her ex-husband fought in Iraq, Vienna’s past plainly paints how she’ll act in the future, in our opinion. Jake, you might want to ask yourself…is this a woman you want to raise your children?

Here’s just a few of the things Us and various sources have learned about your past:

  1. She was a Hooters Waitress in Sanford, Fla. in 2007 confirmed by a current employee from that location.
  2. Vixen Cheater? In 2005, Vienna eloped with Josh Riley, a United States Marine. While Josh was deployed overseas in Iraq, Vienna allegedly had multiple affairs with his friends and even an Ultimate Fighting Championship referee. “Here Josh is, serving our country, while she’s having sex with someone he knows,” a source said to Us Weekly. But, according to RadarOnline‘s interview with Vienna’s friend, Rachel Todd, Vienna “was working in a bank and living at home, so I find it hard to believe that she would have had time to be dishonest.”
  3. “Borrowed” $5,000 from her ex-husband for breast implants? While Josh was also overseas, Vienna decided to get a boob job and used her hubby’s money to pay for it. She even used some of his money to pay for her mom’s tummy tuck and liposuction, too reports Us. RadarOnline also confirmed that Vienna got breast implants, but that she paid for them out of her own pocket.
  4. Lied about being engaged to a preacher’s son? Apparently, Vienna was once engaged, but supposedly not to a preacher’s son. Her ex-fiance only went to church, but did not have familial ties to clergy, say reports.
  5. Bad best friend? In high school, rumor had it that Vienna slept with her best friend’s boyfriend.
  6. Party crasher? Vienna pulled every stunt she could to attract attention to herself. She allegedly, according to Us Weekly, even crashed one of  Chris Kirkpatrick‘s (former N’Sync band member) parties thinking that this would get her a reality TV show gig.
  7. Posed nude for a pin-up? We here at reported that Vienna allowed a landscaping company to take nude pics of her for a calender. Thousands of men have seen her wearing nothing but a scarf!

Jake, you’ve preached about wanting to marry a woman with a good set of values. Do you think Vienna fits the bill?

– Lindsey DiMattina

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