Tiger Woods Is Out Of Rehab & Back At Home With Elin Nordegren — And His Kids!

Fri, February 5, 2010 9:03am EST by 11 Comments

020510_elintiger_80194765_XXXXAre you happy they’ve decided to work on their marriage?

UPDATE: Not only has Tiger returned home, but he has also reunited with his two children — Sam, 2, and Charlie, 1, RadarOnline.com is reporting. It has been about six weeks since he last saw them.

Tiger Woods is no longer at sex rehab in Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services Center, RadarOnline.com is reporting. Wife Elin Nordegren flew to Hattiesburg, Mississippi earlier this week to pick up Tiger and take him back to home to Windermere, Fla. A large security team escorted Tiger and Elin to a Mississippi airport Feb. 5. According to reports, the couple is going to focus on repairing their shattered marriage — and Tiger has plans to return to the PGA tour!

If all goes according to plan, Tiger could really be getting his life back on track. We’re just glad he’ll finally be seeing his adorable children, Sam, 2, and Charlie, 1, after spending more than a month apart!

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performing golf swing

Posted at 4:14 AM on July 17, 2013  

It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m happy
that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please
stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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Posted at 1:06 AM on February 17, 2010  

It is great that she is giving him a chance to be reunited with kids.
Kids need both parents.
Someone said that she was a babysitter and etc… She did not come from the low
class as Tiger. She is a Lady from Europe and in Sweden with all the social benefits she is on the top of the World. No money would buy happiness as well would not preserve healthy relationships. In God’s face everyone is equal. There are so many guys miserable with a lot of money. Elin was a true God’s blessings in his life… He just came from the bad/dysfunctional family of the USA and in the USA majority of people would put money first… They could kill or destroy someone better than they are… Why, insecurity and unstable life based on importance of money and a lot of stress without rest….
He could kill himself and all his kids with Elin- how- by contaminating them with Germs from the prostitutes and other things. God knows!
Elin is a great and strong woman and no one could be compared with her. Neither by look, neither by her linguistic abilities and European Education, as well manners and etiquette which she gained from her childhood…. Her parents are highly intelligent people. She would have a great life and even better man next to her anywhere in the World! However- it was her hearts desires to give him a chance and a Gods will!
So, let us just pray that he will be turn to God and not to devil! She is trying to save him from the dead end…. He needs too much of the rehab- spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, sexual etc…. He needs to love God and everything what had been given, otherwise he will be turned to the dust…

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Posted at 6:20 PM on February 6, 2010  

Just have to hope for the best, but it might be a long hard road……..whew

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Posted at 4:57 PM on February 5, 2010  

I’m really not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, what is she think taking him back? Granted, I have never been in her shoes, but has she no pride? I don’t buy the rehab stuff either. I think that it just gives him an excuse. However, they do have two beautiful children, so perhaps, they owe it to them to make the marriage work. I guess it’s easy to judge when you’re looking in from the outside. Not to mention, we probably don’t know HALF of what the real story is.

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Posted at 2:55 PM on February 5, 2010  

Tiger was very wise when he made his choice of a wife, not some big holy wood star. he wanted a home, a wife and a mother. before this incident, nobody knew anything about Elin: very private, quiet, reserved wife and mother.
Thank you for taking time to work on your marriage. i think he deserves a second chance.
Elin has a great heart and it takes true love and divine wisdom to deal with situations like this. Go on Girl, i have been hoping that you pause for a moment, because he made an effort to repair the marriage and that is very important

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juan valverde

Posted at 1:58 PM on February 14, 2010  

i think this is a mather of respect ! if Tigard play with her feelings there is no way back after that.when you got married all of his single fun is over! but with a new life with children is completing what he decided to get so,he forgot that a couple fun is now! he played but he lost ! so,turn around and he will do what ever he wants as single!
There is no guarantee to change and she knows that !It is time to keep on going by separate ways !!! Good luck !


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Posted at 2:29 PM on February 5, 2010  

oh come on…

you girls, ladies, wives REALLY fall for that sex rehab thingy?

it works but remember… now we have a new excuse , so then don’t cry OK?

you want it this way?

as long as you know what you getting into then it’s fine with me (I am a guy)

and.. girls, wives and ladies: don’t even think about using that excuse with us ’cause we are not really that stupid.

you cheat? then there is a big problem. BIG.

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Posted at 1:58 PM on February 5, 2010  

well she probably took him back because w/out him she’d be a nanny and who cares anymore about his personal life we need him back on the pga tour where he belongs not at home w/ some crazy lady weilding a golf club

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Posted at 11:57 AM on February 5, 2010  

I can’t see how Elin could take him back, but then again, Love forgives all- right? Myself, I’d never be able to trust him, and I’d be thinking about all those slimy women he was with – ewwww! I think she should kick him to the curb and try to rebuild her own life – without him and his baggage! must be like babysitting….Elin must be a saint or something…

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Posted at 2:09 AM on February 15, 2010  

Does that include kicking ALL HIS money to the curb as well..?? I mean she was a babysitter for petesake before he came along and gave her a life. If you say no, you’re a HYPOCRIT of the largest magnitude!!

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Helen Kaye

Posted at 4:01 PM on May 1, 2010  

After all is said and done, if Elin can forgive him for what he has done, then she must have great love for him. However, if she is going to watch him like a hawk and throw stuff up everytime they have a disagreement, then perhaps it is best to throw in the towel and each go their separate ways. Sure he was wrong, dead wrong, but perhaps she should have accompanied him on tour. With their money I’m sure they would have had plenty of help and a suite of rooms for them to be all together. They live a lifestyle beyond our wildest dreams. She should have been with him before, during and after his golf outings. He had too much freetime and leeway. Perhaps they both learned an important lesson. She and the kids must be with him. I hope they work things out. Those kids will suffer and they will have made a huge mistake that they will regret forever.

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