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Kim Kardshian And Kendra Wilkinson Talk About Their Super Bowl Competition

Fri, February 5, 2010 5:00pm EDT by 3 Comments


Kim Kardashian threatens to poison Kendra Wilkinson’s Hubby before Super Bowl, then invites her to shop for lingerie

You think the Saints vs. Colts is the ultimate match up of this Sunday’s Super Bowl — you ain’t seen nothing yet! Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson called into the Ryan Seacrest radio show Feb. 5 to wage a diva war of their own…sort of. Kim — who’s boyfriend is New Orleans Saints running back, Reggie Bush — calmly revealed her diabolical plan to sabotage the opposing team that includes Kendra’s husband, Hank Baskett of the Indianapolis Colts.

“Let’s meet up and I poison your coffee and you can give it to Hank!” Kim, 29, said bearing her claws. Undeterred, Kendra, 24, responded with some football jargon that went over the Keeping Up With The Kardashian‘s perfectly coiffed head like a hail Mary pass, “No, they could face off in a kickoff return,”

Both are in town to cheer on their respective boos on Super Sunday and while the guys are focused on their game day play, the girls are focused on their game day fashion. Kendra’s all for team spirit, saying, “I’m wearing a jersey that says Mrs. Baskett. The baby (Hank IV) will wear his little jersey”

Kim, always concerned about her appearance, will take a more fashionable approach. “I’m gonna wear a Balmain jacket, tee shirt and jeans and some boots, she said. “For me it’s a superstition thing. I don’t wear a jersey, but I always wear black and gold.”

When Ryan, 35, asked if the ladies were planning on getting some lingerie to sex it up for the night after their long day, Kim suggested they make it a team effort. “Kendra, we should go shopping for it today,” said. Kendra agreed and Kim promised to “text” her later.

Solidify that friendship now, cause come Sunday evening all bets will be off — and probably this budding friendship, too.