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EXCLUSIVE! Michael Lohan Tells Us, Lindsay Hoards Because 'She Feels Abandoned!'

Fri, February 5, 2010 1:05pm EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment


Michael Lohan confesses he’s a hoarder just like his daughter Lindsay!

We just spoke to Michael Lohan exclusively about his daughter Lindsay Lohan’s shocking revelation about her hoarding problem on The Insider Feb. 4 — and he tells us why she does it: “People that hoard don’t want to let go of things. They feel like they are abandoned!”

Michael also admits that hoarding runs in the family. “I hoard, ” he says. “I have clothes from the ’80s and people will say to me what are you doing with that sweater? I collect watches … I collect cowboy boots. I think everyone hoards in some way.” In the two-part interview — the second part airs Feb. 5, Lindsay shows The Insider her “clutter room” in her Beverly Hills condo. She has multiple racks of clothes, and boxes filled with with shoes, and other items. “I try not to come in here,” Lindsay tells The Insider. “That’s how bad it is. It gives me anxiety being in here. The clutter takes up a lot of space.”

Michael believes that there are two ways of looking at this, ” You can look at this from a psychological perspective and secondly from a human perspective,” he adamantly tells “People that hoard don’t want to let go of things. They feel like they are abandoned.”

Lindsay gets a lot of free gifts on a regular basis so that contributes to her abundance of items, “In Lindsay’s case she gets so much gratis, swag, boxes and boxes of clothes that she doesn’t even have a chance to go through,” says Michael.

Michael definitely can’t understand why Lindsay would take her story public, but he attributes it to the negative circle of individuals that surround Lindsay. “I think she was sucked into it [being on The Insider],” says Michael. “I don’t care what people say — my relationship may be a little strained at times but it’s because I don’t want her doing certain things. You’re not ever going to see me drinking in a club with my daughter. No one knows all the constant texts she sends me. Whenever she needs me I’m the first person she calls.”

Michael and Dina Lohan divorced in 2007 after 22 years of marriage and according to Michael this is definitely a huge factor in Lindsay’s out of control behavior. “The divorce destroyed the children,” admits Michael. “Lindsay has a court appearance on Feb. 18 and I’m definitely going to bring all of this to the attention of the judge.” — Chloe Melas