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What's The Deal? Rihanna Gets Paid $100,000 To Sit Front-Row At Fashion Week — And J. Lo Only Makes $30,000!

Thu, February 4, 2010 8:17pm EDT by 2 Comments


Rihanna is fashion royalty! Can you believe she gets paid $100,000 to sit on her derriere for 20 minutes?

She’s been on the scene less than five years, but Rihanna is already raking in big bucks just to sit front row at Fashion Week — $100,000 per show to be exact! We wonder what more “experienced” celebs like J. Lo have to say about that — she only makes $30,000, which is especially surprising considering she pulled in $80,000 back in 2005. Granted, they’re both being paid to sit on their tukkis, look glam and be treated like goddesses — but what does that huge difference in salary say about the public’s interest in J. Lo?

Yup, it’s true. Rihanna is THE highest-paid celebrity to grace the Fashion Week tents with her presence, reports She even bests Jay-Z’s OTHER woman (yeah, his wife) Beyoncé, who earns between $80,000 and $100,000 per appearance. Rounding out the top three are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who receive $80,000 each. They’re pretty much one person though, so it’s cool to count them together.

We were a little surprised by some of the results on Fashionista’s list. Like J. Lo, Lindsay Lohan has also had her Fashion Week profile downsized over the years. There was a time when she raked in $60,000 per show, but guess how much she makes now? Nothing! She’s been deemed UNINVITABLE. Ouch! Black ball!

The heavily guy-linered Jared Leto and his precious baby blues are still worth $25,000 – and surprisingly, Colin Firth can demand $15,000 now that he’s an Oscar nominee for A Single Man.

As for Paris Hilton, she’ll do it for free (which sounds like a total heirhead move to us) as will the America’s Next Top Model winners. As for the Jersey Shore cast, apparently Snooki, J-WOWW and Sammi are all at Lindsay’s level – uninvited. And it’s kind of fitting, actually, considering how much time the cast has been spending with her lately.

C’est la vie, friends – there’s always the LA club scene to keep you busy!