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Nick Jonas's Chastity Belt Is On AND In Plain View!

Tue, February 2, 2010 7:47pm EDT by 10 Comments


No chance that anyone will be steering him off his purity vow!

Good luck ladies, no one is getting in this Jonas Brothers pants! Nick Jonas is wearing his purity ring once again but this time it’s around his neck! If he hasn’t already made his point clear about his virginity and his promise to stay ‘pure’ he definitely is making the statement clear now. Why is it necessary to broadcast your promise to be celibate until marriage? Britney Spears said it, but didn’t do it! Jessica Simpson said it, did it, but her marriage to Nick Lachey STILL ended in divorce!
Has it really helped anyone’s career or relationships by making this personal decision public?! Is it really going to make you wait if you wear the ‘proven’ ring? I mean really? This isn’t Lord of the Ring– just because you wear a ring it doesn’t mean it has special powers. Either way, we aren’t saying it isn’t great to wait, but for Nick’s sake we hope he gets married soon! — Jennifer Murray

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