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Spencer Pratt Says He’s Been Crying Every Day Lately — Spencer, What Do You Have To Be Sad About?

Mon, February 1, 2010 5:39pm EDT by 2 Comments

Could you possibly be heartbroken over Heidi Montag’s new plastic surgery addiction?

We’ve seen a lot of emotions from Spencer Pratt over the years — anger, pride and definitely plenty of confusion — but we never thought we’d see the day when he actually breaks down in tears! That’s apparently what his life has come to, at least according to him. “Today was [Heidi Montag] and my 24 day of Kundalini Yoga!” he tweeted Feb. 1. “I have been crying out all my built up emotions daily!” Like many forms of yoga, Kundalini is supposed to result in mental and spiritual growth — but we find it hard to believe that Spencer is really all that sad.

Seriously, Spencer, we’d like to know where all this sudden emotion is coming from. Are you torn apart over Heidi’s massive plastic surgery, or possibly the fact that her debut album Superficial (which you produced) was a total flop? Please fill us in. If there’s a real, compassionate human being hidden deep down inside you somewhere, we’d like to know!

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