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HollyWhat-Were-You-Thinking? Former Addict Russell Brand Tweets About Needing Drugs to Survive the Grammys!

Mon, February 1, 2010 12:22pm EDT by Add first Comment

Watch out Katy Perry – this only means bad news for your impending marriage! From the sounds of it, Russell just can’t get away from his addictions.

Er….bad taste much? We don’t care HOW bored Russell Brand was at the 2010 Grammy Awards Sunday night – he didn’t have to tweet to the world that he needed cocaine to stay awake through the ceremony!

“Grammies?” the 34-year-old British comic wrote on his Twitter page Jan. 31. “Is that how much coke you need to stay awake through em? LooOOOOOooooong! X.”

We must say, we’re a tad concerned for the status of Russell’s relationship with pop star Katy Perry, 25. He seems to have a fair amount of unhealthy addictions – he even went to rehab for an addiction to sex – and monogamy has never been (how shall we say) his strong suit. Even getting engaged to Katy in December after a mere three months of dating isn’t the healthiest way to say ‘I do’ forever.

But bringing drugs into the equation? That’s just bad news for you, Katy. You might want to think about getting out while you still can!

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