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HollyNeeds-A-Facial! From the Looks of His Skin, Jon Gosselin Should Be The Next Face Of Proactiv

Fri, January 29, 2010 7:45pm EDT by 13 Comments

012910_gosselin_proactive_w_watermarkAfter my up close and personal (but not TOO personal) encounter with the octodad, there’s no doubt in my mind he needs some help from the gods of dermatology

Jon Gosselin + Proactiv = a match made in heaven. I’m not even joking. When I ran into the Jon and Kate + 8 dad at the Jan. 22 Nas concert in Park City, Utah, I HAD to ask for a picture. Unfortunately for me, I can barely look at the snapshot without being blinded by Jon’s ready-to-rupture zits.

Seriously, ever since he ditched Kate (the mother of his eight children) to be with a slew of younger ‘hotties,’ Jon, 34, has started to pack on the pounds and — as the photo above illustrates — the grease.

My thought? Why not make Jon the new spokesperson for Proactiv, the complete acne treatment system for facial acne and pimples? First of all, he’d really expand the product’s demographic — it isn’t just for young girls, you know. Plus, now that Jon’s TLC reality show has been given the axe, quite frankly he could use a little cash.

Jon, like the Proactiv slogan says, ‘Get the clear skin you deserve!’ Sad. We’re probably not going to see much of a change any time soon, are we?

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