Bonnie Says: Elin: Don't Settle For a Loveless Marriage With Tiger! That's Too Sad!

Thu, January 28, 2010 8:50am EST by 7 Comments


Elin – I hear that you may be ready to settle for a marriage where you are only “friends” with your husband, and not “lovers!”

Elin, apparently, after your visit with Tiger during the “Family Week” portion of his sex-addiction treatment at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services center, you have decided to put your divorce plans on hold! Tiger has convinced you that he’s serious about saving his marriage and amazingly, you are willing to forgive him and give your marriage a second shot.

And listen Elin, I understand that you want your two beautiful babies, Sam Alexis, 2 and Charlie, almost one, to grow up with a dad. This is so important to you, that you are even telling friends that you are willing to settle for essentially a loveless, non-romantic marriage. You are willing to sacrifice your own happiness, for the sake of your children.
Elin, that is incredibly admirable and noble, but it is also incredibly sad. You are a beautiful, vital, loving 29 year-old woman. Is it realistic to consign yourself to a life without a loving life partner? Ask yourself – are you really willing to simply be “friends” with your husband,. Especially  a husband who under these circumstances ,could make himself VERY busy again with loads of other women. I mean – why wouldn’t he go elsewhere to get his lovin’, if you’re just “friends”?

Do you realize what this is going to do to your self-esteem? “It’s completely self destructive,” relationship expert Rhonda Finding agrees. “You can’t be in a platonic relationship and function in a marriage – it’s torture. She’s going to watch her husband be involved with other women? There’s no chance. People want to commit suicide over things like this!”

Well, Elin – no one wants you to consign yourself to a relentlessly depressing situation. You did NOTHING  wrong . You have been a loving and loyal wife. You’re a devoted mother.

You deserve to be married to a man who worships the ground, you walk on. Don’t accept anything less for yourself!


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Posted at 10:04 PM on January 29, 2010  

How long has WHAT person been in Hollywood? Are you referring to Bonnie?? If so, have you been living under a rock? What an a**.

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Posted at 6:25 AM on January 28, 2010  

How long has this person been in Hollywood?
These instructions to Elin are ridiculous.
Do you know how many Hollywood marriages are
just like Tiger’s and Elin? many.
There are so many golddiggers who are young who
are with husband’s doing the same thing. If this lady
is connected in Hollywood, she either knows that or,
she only feels this way when it’s certain types of
people who cheat on other types of people (read between the lines).

Did this lady tell Diane Lane to leave Josh Brolin when she called 911 on him for domestic violence.
It seems cheating is more serious to her than, violence.
Did she call for Amy Irving to leave Spielberg when he was cheating on her, and there are many other things going on
in Hollywood marriages right now that she is saying nothing about.
Like I said, certain types who are married to other types.

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Posted at 6:06 AM on January 28, 2010  

Unless you were living in that home with Tiger and Elin,
no intelligent person can believe that anyone would know how
loving and devoted of a wife Elin was to Tiger.
What those of us who are not living in that home do know is,
Tiger is a cheater and Elin is violent. I am more concerned
about a violent person than a cheater because violence can spill over to the children.
Also, there’s an old saying “when you marry for money, you earn it”
Had Tiger been some guy catching a bus to make a living on a construction job worshipping Elin, she would not have given him the time of day.
Just as a Husband should worship a wife, a wife should worship a husband. Of course Tiger cheated, but he came to the table with money and intelligence, Elin came to the table with looks and a body, nothing more. I wish he would divorce her and find someone better.

So, unless you were living in that house with them, no one can say what kind of wife she was.

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Posted at 3:17 AM on January 28, 2010  

Why o why must everybody think they know what is best for Tiger, his wife and his children especially Ms Bonnie here
I understand that he messed up royally but it is up to them to decide what is best for their family. I agree with GetAClue this is not a movie we can walk out after 2hr of hoping it ends the way we want it to.

I hope they can work it out and be happy it seems Tiger is doing whatever she want him to including admitting he has a problem and getting help. Too many broken homes hopefully they won’t enter that club…. best of luck to The Woods

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Posted at 10:07 PM on January 27, 2010  


It’s your choice to decide whether or not there are just some things you cannot forgive and you can’t work through. Elin has the same rights and the same choice as you. What you can’t work through or forgive doesn’t have a thing to do with what Elin Woods can forgive or work through.

Elin is an individual just like the rest of us, and she has the right to make the choices she wants to make with regards to her life and her marriage. Neither Elin or Tiger is an elected official, which means that neither of them has to answer to the media or the public for any decisions they choose to make in their personal lives. Elin’s marriage is her own business, and how she conducts her marriage is her own business.

If she wants to stay married to her husband, so what? If she wants to divorce her husband, so what. It’s her life, her husband, her choice. I support Elin in whatever she does because I’m not standing in her shoes and I have enough sense to realize that everyone is human, everyone makes mistakes, and it’s not my place to tell another woman how to conduct her marriage or her life.

I do know that I wouldn’t take kindly to anyone attempting to tell me how to run MY marriage or MY life, and I feel that Elin Woods deserves the same consideration and respect for her private business that all of us expect to receive.

None of us wants a bunch of strangers poking their noses into our marriages and our private lives and then pontificating ad nauseam about what we should or shouldn’t do, or what’s right or wrong for us to do. I’d be willing to bet Elin doesn’t want it either. Realistically, who would?

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Posted at 9:51 PM on January 27, 2010  

Um, if Tiger had even a shred of love for Elin, he would not have been able to sleep with another woman. Then a second. Then a third. Then a fourth. Then a fifth. Then a sixth. Then a seventh. Then an eighth. Then a ninth. (Get my point?). These two were essentially newlyweds when Tiger was stepping out. Sorry, but there are just some things you cannot forgive and you can’t work through. Can you imagine if daughter Sam grows up and gets married to some jerk who cheats on her with more than a dozen women. Do you honestly think Elin and Tiger are going to urge their daughter to work things out. It’s ridiculous. And it won’t work anyway. Every time Elin looks in Tiger’s eyes she will see the face of a cheater. The face of a liar. She will never, ever trust him (even if he actually manages to stop screwing around). This relationship is doomed. For the sake of her kids, Elin should show them what a STRONG woman does and exit this marriage with dignity.

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Posted at 9:29 PM on January 27, 2010  

Elin Woods has not said that she’s ‘willing to settle’ for a ‘loveless, non-romantic marriage’. An American magazine made that claim, and stated that their information came from an unnamed ‘source’. Until Elin Woods verifies that this is true, the smart thing to do is acknowledge that the statement is just hearsay and gossip, not actual verified information.

Elin and Tiger Woods are real life married people, not characters on a television show. And what Elin Woods chooses to do with regards to her marriage is her own business and no one else’s except her husband’s. If Elin does stay with her husband and doesn’t divorce him, who’s to say that she would have a loveless marriage?

For all any of us knows, it could be that Elin and Tiger have love between them and want to get past this situation and keep their marriage intact. The fact is, it’s not anyone else’s call to make as to whether that’s the right or the wrong thing for them to do. Elin and Tiger took vows with each other only, not with the public and not with the media. No one else other than Elin or Tiger has the right to take issue with Elin’s decisions or Tiger’s decisions.

If people REALLY cared about Elin Woods, then they’d get out of her personal business and simply state that they are supportive of whatever choices Elin Woods decides to make because ONLY Elin’s life, Elin’s husband, and Elin’s babies are involved.

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