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EXCLUSIVE! Why Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Won't Break Up: He's Like A Slave To Her!

Wed, January 27, 2010 2:38pm EDT by 2 Comments


With reports swirling about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s relationship coming to a halt, stories about Angie’s “controlling, A-type” personality are starting to surface! But even though she is constantly scolding him, and trying to dictate their relationship, our expert says Brad is a slave to her and can’t leave her side!

Us Weekly reports, “[Angelina will] yell at Brad when he makes the eggs too runny or burns something.  Brad just takes it.”  But our relationship expert Rhonda Findling, says that this type of behavior is not enough to drive Brad away … yet!

“It sounds like they have a very stressful relationship,” says Rhonda.  “He’s somewhat slavish about her.  She has a hold on him.  Brad is not only willing to be with her and completely committed to her, he’s also willing to have and adopt children, and travel all over the world with her.  He’s like her slave!”

But what is it that causes Brad to stay so hooked to his woman?  “Everyone is attracted to Angelina, and part of that is because she is a little bit … crazy.  She was wild when she was younger, and has problems with her father.  It intensifies her personality,” says Rhonda.

“Also, because Angelina was bisexual, she probably isn’t fully giving herself to Brad, because he is a man.  Women who are attracted to women tend not to get as obsessed with the men in their lives, which can make some men work that much harder to try and please them.”

But, Rhonda adds, “This life of a big career, six kids, tons of traveling … it’s a strain on him! It’s emotionally and physically exhausting. Eventually the infatuation can wear off and the reality can set in.  She must not be the easiest person to be in a relationship with.  He may be drawn to her intensity but that can eventually wear off.” —Corynne Steindler

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