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EXCLUSIVE: Julie Bowen’s Weight-Loss Secret – Breastfeeding!

Mon, January 25, 2010 8:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

We can’t say this trick exactly works for EVERYONE, but don’t worry – Julie has other tips on how to stay skinny up her sleeve

Julie Bowen looks so damn fabulous lately that – quite naturally – we wanted to know her secrets at staying so svelte.

The 39-year-old Modern Family star happily obliged – but not all of her tricks work for the masses – unless you’ve just had a baby, that is.

“[I lose weight by drinking] endless cups of coffee followed by endless series of breast-feedings, which apparently burn a lot of calories,” Julie laughed at the Producers Guild Awards in Los Angeles Jan. 24.

But feeding her 8-month-old twins John and Gus isn’t Julie’s only diet trick, oh no!

“I wish I could say something terribly exciting, like having sex while doing crunches, but that would be a lie, and a lot of work!” she giggled. “My twins are huge and I carry them around. One is 20 lbs. and one is 17 lbs. – that is about my only workout.”

Workouts aside, Julie seems to eat what she wants. “I eat a lot of salad, a lot of protein bars…but I love anything salty or crunchy,” she confided. “I like pretzels, graham crackers and nuts. I love nuts.”

One thing the actress is forced to stay away from – sadly – is chocolate. “I haven’t eaten dessert in so long,” she lamented. “They don’t let you eat dessert when they give you your SAG card. They take it away from you and say, ‘You don’t need this anymore, no more chocolate.’”

Sounds like a raw deal to us — but then again, we don’t have Julie’s fabulous figure. Ah well. Guess if you can’t beat ‘em or join ‘em — then indulge in what they can’t have. On that note, isn’t it about time for our daily Snickers fix?