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Drew Barrymore's Adorable Speech & More Of Our Favorite Moments From The 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards!

Sun, January 24, 2010 10:25am EDT by 1 Comment


What was YOUR favorite moment of the night?

The winners may not have surprised many people at last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, but the show did have one saving grace — its wacky acceptance speeches! Yes, some of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses totally lost their cool on stage. In some cases (Drew Barrymore) it was because of how honored they were to be receiving their award — and in other cases (Sandra Bullock) it was because they couldn’t wait to get home and jump in bed with their husband!


Drew’s Nervous Speech

One of our favorite moments from last night’s show was the adorably flustered acceptance speech from Drew, 34. She could barely get her words out after being awarded for her work in Grey Gardens! “Improv is usually a good thing, and it’s backfiring on me very badly right now,” Drew managed to say after spitting out an endless parade of “um”s. “I want to speak from my heart and spontaneously, and this is not going well.” She eventually pulled it together and thanked everyone profusely, but it was definitely a switch from how confident she appeared at last week’s Golden Globes.


Sandra’s Sexy Confession

And speaking of speeches, Sandra, 45, took her moment on the stage to tell a certain someone exactly how she felt about him. While accepting her award for The Blind Side, Sandra showered hubby Jesse James, 40, with compliments — and maybe also a few sexual advances. “I don’t know how you do it,” she said to him. “I love you so much, and you’re really hot.  And… I want you so much.” Sandra, we’re glad you and Jesse are in love, but please save the dirty talk for after the show next time.


Felicity’s Flub

Along with the crazy presenters, there was also one very ridiculous presentation. Felicity Huffman, 47, managed to screw up again last night while presenting the award for best actor in a drama series! When she announced she didn’t bring her glasses and couldn’t read the teleprompter, we thought she was setting up an elaborate joke — at first. But when she tried to read the words, and couldn’t, co-presenter Alec Baldwin, 51, had to pick up the slack! This is the second time this week Felicity has flubbed a big awards show presentation, the first being at The Golden Globes on Jan. 17, where she tripped over quite a few of her words and laughed, saying that NBC would never ask her to present again. Felicity, are you trying to get taken off the presenter’s list? Plenty of people would love to take your place!


Betty White’s Tribute

And last but certainly not least, we loved the tribute to Betty White, 88, who was presented with the annual lifetime achievement award. “Back when I first started, it would never have even occurred to me to imagine such a thing as this moment,” she said after watching a montage of her 60 years in show business. “And I still can’t believe I’m standing here. This is the highest point of my entire professional life.” Aww! We love Betty — she’s like Hollywood’s grandma. But even grandmas get to take a jab at someone every once in a while. While mentioning her work with Sandra in The Proposal, Betty said, “Isn’t it heartening to see how far a girl as plain as she is can go?” Oh, Betty.

So tell us, HollywoodLifers, what was your favorite moment from last night’s show? Did we miss any good ones?


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