John Edwards & Tiger Woods, You Are Such Man Liars! And You Both Have Finally Been Forced To Tell The Truth!

Fri, January 22, 2010 8:59am EDT by 4 Comments
John Edwards & Tiger Woods, You Are Such Man Liars! And You Both Have Finally Been Forced To Tell The Truth!

Hey girlfriend, beware of men who think they can pull the wool over your eyes, and who pretend to be perfect.

Tiger Woods worked hard to maintain the “perfect” family man image. So did helmet-haired John Edwards. But behind their wives’ backs and John’s blowdryer, they were totally disrespecting them by tomcatting around. Now, they are getting their just desserts.


After you’ve watched this—watch John Edwards boldfaced lying on national TV!

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Posted at 12:53 PM on January 24, 2010  

I used to feel sorry for his wife, but not anymore. I think she’s actually getting off on all this public humiliation. They say she’s witchzilla so maybe he had had enough. Next we know he’ll dump her and be done with this bs. I’m sorry she has cancer but I’m tired of hearing the cancer card played over and over again. Some woman sticks it in your face every day, sooner or later you’re going to be tempted. If Witch Edwards had any tennis balls, she’d have tossed him out long ago. BUT…it all reverts back to the same old thing…M O N E Y!!

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Posted at 4:50 AM on January 22, 2010  

Usually I go to Hollywood Tuna and Dlisted for my hot wet gossip, but I’ve been visiting this site for the last few weeks.

I saw this video and I just had to like register. It was too much which is why I never go to Chili’s because I want to upchuck my food right after. Less is more.

Bonnie, you seem like a really nice lady, you really do, but your videos seem kinda forced and awkward…ok really forced and awkward. It’s like my mom making a video of herself talk about celebrities. I love my mom more than anything but it’s still WEIRD! with a twitchy wince-y kind of effect on top. Oy

Anyhow, just have Kirstin do all the videos from now on. She’s funny, sexy, and has an amazing fashion sense. I’m hooked on her stuff since the trim vids with the Kardashians. If this site ever becomes worth a damn it’ll be because of her. She’s a star in the making. Milk her! Ok, not literally.

I still think you’re a very sweet lady Bonnie so don’t take it the wrong way. For what it’s worth, you have a nice writing style:)

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Posted at 7:37 PM on January 21, 2010  

ps- emphasis on the word “forced” in the header. no remorse other than remorse at getting caught. i don’t actually have a problem as much with the “cheating” as i do with the lying about it after the fact.

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Posted at 7:34 PM on January 21, 2010  

edwards. gross. i mean, it’s all so banal. politician cheats on wife. politician lies. add the twist that his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the midst of it all, and there you have it. on what planet did he actually think he was going to get away with this lie, that is the only thing that disturbs me, frankly. politicians think that they are untouchable, b/c the media never asks the tough questions, but, john forget that tabloids are different than the wall street journal. when it comes to salacious dirt like that, enquirer, et al, aren’t going to let that slide. ugh. he’s just so gross. i hope he stays in the background and doesn’t somehow come back into being once his wife passes. poor woman.

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