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Tiger's New Sexual Confessions to Elin! Poor Thing!

Thu, January 21, 2010 9:07am EDT by 7 Comments


Elin Nordegren is beginning the next phase of her long matrimonial nightmare.

After all she’s endured already, now, as part of Tiger Woods‘ sex addiction treatment at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Clinic in Hattiesburg, Miss., she must spend a full seven days with him ,taking part in what is called “Family Week,” including what will be for her a horrifying “Disclosure Day,” according to a bombshell report in the National Enquirer. During this disclosure session, Tiger will have to look Elin in the eye and give her a full description of every sexual transgression he has made.

That means he must give her every detail of all his sexual encounters with his alleged 15 mistresses,  plus come clean about every other cheating episode that may not have been revealed yet!

Tiger is enrolled in the Gentle Path program which is specifically tailored for individuals suffering from sexual addiction.The disclosure session- basically a gauntlet of shame- is part of the prescribed treatment by Gentle Path director Patrick Carnes, Ph.D, a national expert on sexual addiction — and, as learned yesterday, a former sex addict himself.

The typical length of a sex addict’s stay at Gentle Path is six weeks and Tiger reportedly entered the facility in late December, meaning he’s about halfway through the program — about the right time for “Family Week”.

Interestingly, Elin, who was being photographed every single day for about a week since the beginning of January, has suddenly disappeared from view. She was last photographed on January 15, nearly a week ago. Her two children, Sam and Charlie, were sighted Jan 19, at Sea World in Orlando, Florida with Elin’s sister Josefine and her husband Daniel  – hmmm! Woods has reportedly rented a luxury home with armed guards near Hattiesburg, Miss., for Elin and the kids. We can only imagine how devastating it must be for Elin to have to listen to Tiger’s sordid confessions. The scandal broke after she supposedly caught him texting with his alleged mistress, Rachel Urchitel. And it must be galling for the couple to have had the first photos of Tiger since his car accident, finally appear , while she might be there to hear his devastating confessions!