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Project Runway Is Back! Do You Have a Favorite Yet? We Have Three!

Thu, January 21, 2010 6:43pm EDT by 2 Comments


Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, we have missed you! We love the new season already!

“Project Runway” is back! Back in New York, back with returning (full-time?) judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, and back with a talented, enthusiastic cast. I’m really excited that it feels fresh again, after last season’s Los Angeles slog-fest. The first episode was a solid start, with guest judge Nicole Richie filmed back when she was still a blonde (good move going brunette, Nicole!) There are still too many competitors to get a real handle on everyone, but I definitely have some early favorites.


Emilio — If he makes dresses like this one all season long, he may very well win The Runway. I loved the precise fit of the dress, the pretty fabric applique, and as Michael Kors called it, the hanger appeal. I would buy that dress in a second. (I know it’s not the same as when Heidi Klum says that she would buy that dress in a second. But I really would.)



Mila — Her jacket was one of my favorite pieces. Meticulously made in a groovy blue floral pattern, it fit the model perfectly. I also loved how she used four different fabrics on the one outfit. Most people shied away from mixing textiles, but she managed to do it in a way that was really smart. Also, I LOVE her short, blunt bangs — she’s definitely channeling Kenley from Season Five. Mila, Ping and Maya need to start a Project Runway Bangs Club and give each other bang trims!



Anna — Adorable gold dress. Loved her creative use of the fabric (check out this extended footage from Lifetime to see what she did) and the beautiful result. I also liked her enthusiastic energy and go-getter attitude. She’s inexperienced, but I think she has the talent and drive to push through.


And as for the others…

  • Janeane, every season of “Project Runway” has had a cryer, but you have taken it to crazytown. You cried five minutes after arriving in New York City, you cried seeing other designers’ work, and you cried all the way through sewing your garment. My prediction: you’re out by episode three, tops.
  • Seth Aaron, the diva swagger is already irritating. I will say, though, that your early-80s daytime date dress felt really fresh — you should send that frock to Rihanna, I bet she’d love it.
  • Ping, your voluminous garments won’t work well on regular women — do most ladies really need MORE fabric detail around their stomach and hips? That said, I like your distinct point of view.

And as for Christiane who got the axe, she has a good sense of color, but a bad sense of design and construction. Her dress was all over the place — she was definitely the one who had to go.

In tonight’s episode, the contestants are going out to the country, where they have to make a garment out of … yes … potato sacks. I’ll be livetweeting it at @hollywoodlife, join me!


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