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EXCLUSIVE! FYI Kristen Bell, Your Boyfriend Is Emailing His Friends Pap Shots Of You Together

Thu, January 21, 2010 6:30pm EDT by 1 Comment


Do you think it’s cute or just plain weird that Dax is bragging to his buds about his “famous girlfriend?”

Hey Kristen Bell, if we were you, we’d try to keep a closer eye on your boyfriend’s emails. Not that we condone that sort of technological snooping, but a source tells that your BF of nearly three years, Dax Shepard, has been sending paparazzi photos of you two together to all of his besties. Creepy and weird? Or just a man showing off his hot lady love?

Our insider is going with the former, claiming that Dax, 35 (aka Sir Brags-A-Lot) has been gloating about dating 29-year-old Kristen and bragging about all the perks of dating a Hollywood starlet.

That sounds a little sketchy to us, especially after three years together. Shouldn’t you be talking babies and marriage by now? It’s pretty common knowledge that Kristen – whose current flick When in Rome premieres Jan. 29, is already famous? How much more evidence do they need?

It would be one thing if he simply tagged you on Facebook, but to dig through pap shots and email blast them to friends, it sort of sounds like he’s using you for an ego boost or to stay into the spotlight – or both!

Let’s face it, Kristen – without you, Dax wouldn’t have any paparazzi shots to even send! We’re just saying, you might want to do some super-sleuthing into your boyfriend’s emails. For a girl who once starred as teen detective Veronica Mars, we’re pretty sure you won’t have a problem uncovering whether your dude is a toolbag or truly in love.

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