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EXCLUSIVE! How Long Do the Biggest Losers Work Out Every Day? You Won't Believe It!

Thu, January 21, 2010 9:44am EDT by 3 Comments


Dying to know how contestants on The Biggest Loser drop hundreds of pounds? Latest cast-off Maria Ventrella tells us exclusively her schedule on the ranch.

For nine seasons we’ve watched contestants on NBC’s hit weight loss show, The Biggest Loser, shed hundreds of pounds and have wondered how it’s possible they drastically change their lives for the better in such a short period of time. Latest Loser cast-off Maria Ventrella gave an inside glimpse into life on “the ranch”—and we have a feeling you’re not going to like the “magic answer.”

Sweat, baby, sweat. While on the Biggest Loser ranch, contestants work out at least five hours a day with legendary trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels.

Yes, you read that correctly … FIVE hours.

Here is the Biggest Loser schedule, according to 51-year-old Chicago-native contestant, Maria:

5 a.m.- 8 a.m. “We’d wake up and have a small breakfast. Do a five mile walk or hike.”
Mid-morning: “Get back to house and get ready. Have a little snack. Work out for five hours with trainers.”
Late afternoon/early evening: Eat late lunch or early dinner.
10:30 p.m. Lights out. “We were normally tired by [then].”

Sounds like a riot, doesn’t it? Not to mention, cell phones, Internet, computers and cable are strictly prohibited on the ranch.

“You are completely disconnected,” explains Maria, who lost nearly 30 pounds in her three week stay. “You have nothing. It’s just a matter of working out, day in and day out. You have nothing else to do.”

Count us out from that party—No wonder they lose so much weight!

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