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EXCLUSIVE! From One Bachelor to Another, Lorenzo tells Jake Pavelka: “Having to Hide Your Love Is Terrible!”

Wed, January 20, 2010 3:59pm EDT by 1 Comment


The Bachelor‘s relationship…”is a modern day Romeo and Juliet…didn’t they too have to keep their relationship a secret?”

“The winner must be kept a secret until the show is over,” former Bachelor and‘s Bachelor special correspondent, Lorenzo Borghese, tells us of Jake Pavelka‘s possible relationship on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. Hey Jake, well if that’s the case, from one former bachelor to you, we have some exclusive advice on how to keep your relationship private until the final rose ceremony airs on ABC! And, spending “time together alone is a great thing as it really allows [you] to get to know each other. These next few weeks can really determine if the relationship will last. I know it was a determining factor for me,” Lorenzo shares.

Jake, here is what Lorenzo has to say about how to keep your relationship a secret, and what to do to make it work with your bachelorette:

  1. Watch what you say to who and where: “My personal advice to him is the less you talk, the better. Also, be careful what you post on Facebook and who you ‘friend.’ This can be a dead giveaway. Lastly, do not have the girl’s real name listed on your cell phone. Instead, have her listed as Mike, your drinking buddy,” says Lorenzo.
  2. Hang out with her, but in private: You should “spend time together to strengthen your bond…but, it’s still a show, so the winner must be kept a secret until the show is over. This means that your meetings/conversations must all be done in private,” he suggests.
  3. Learn about each other: “Get to really know each other off camera by asking as many questions as possible. Although you may feel a connection, there is so much you still don’t know about each other like the wonderful things and also those ‘skeletons in the closet,'” says Lorenzo.
  4. Talk about your experiences on the show: “You should discuss your experience on the show. It’s going to be really important that you make the girl feel like she was always the only one. You need to understand her insecurity as she is probably seeing you [as she watches the episodes] make out with the other girls and most likely telling them you love them. It’s up to you to explain your actions on the show and do all you can to make her feel loved,” explains Lorenzo.

So, Jake, we hope Lorenzo’s advice helps you right now as you and your “possible” fiance/girlfriend watch The Bachelor on air. We bet it’s hard to keep your relationship a secret, but, by doing this, you two are definitely building suspense about the ending of the show —  and, for the ratings, this is great!

One thing for sure though, Lorenzo’s right when he says the producers “definitely will not ask you to consult Tiger Woods about how to keep your relationship private!” That would fail epically!

For those of you who can’t get enough of The Bachelor like us, check out Lorenzo’s funny spoof on reality television, America’s Next Top Dog.

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