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Heidi Montag, You Are Insane! You Want Size ‘H’ Boobs … For ‘Heidi?’ That Is Just Nuts!!

Tue, January 19, 2010 5:54pm EDT by 11 Comments
Heidi Montag, You Are Insane! You Want Size ‘H’ Boobs … For ‘Heidi?’ That Is Just Nuts!!

Heidi Montag, what are you thinking? “I want H For Heidi” is the worst excuse for plastic surgery I’ve ever heard!

Heidi Montag, what is wrong with you? You’ve had 10 plastic surgeries, but you want MORE? So that you can have size ‘H’ breasts?

The star of The Hills on MTV is only 23, but she has already had 10 major plastic surgeries, including a breast augmentation, eye lift, and chin reduction. She tells Extra her breasts are now “a triple D, F. I like the F. I actually want H for Heidi.” Maybe you should just change your name to “Delusional” to match your D cups.

SERIOUSLY? I wish you luck trying to find bras that fit you, Heidi!  Oh, and have fun working out with those things! It is not that easy to jog, do yoga, or aerobics with a chest that large.  And you want to have kids, right Heidi?  Well someday THEY are going to have kids, and you are going to be their grandma with boobies for miles! It’s plain insane.

Sure, some woman do have naturally size DD, E, and even F cups. But I can assure you, most of the woman I know with larger breasts find them nothing short of uncomfortable.  I’m not here to judge big boobs — believe me — but to elect to have your body enhanced THAT much larger than your natural size is just not right.

Heidi, you are finally getting all the attention you have always craved … but it’s not for the right reasons.  I used to think your ridiculousness was amusing, and even cute.  Now, I just think it’s sad. And I really hope your husband Spencer Pratt can talk you out of “H for Heidi” breast implants.


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