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Gerard Butler Isn't Just Into YOU, Jennifer Aniston — He Likes Kate Hudson, Too!

Mon, January 18, 2010 10:35am EDT by Add first Comment


Despite some serious on-stage chemistry at the Golden Globes, Gerard isn’t ready to commit to you, Jen!

After their flirtatious behavior at The Golden Globe Awards — both onstage and off — the buzz is that The Bounty Hunter co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are sparking off some serious chemistry. But we urge you not to peg the pair as an exclusive couple just yet. Why? Gerard has eyes for someone else: Kate Hudson!

The recently single starlet was walking the Golden Globes red carpet looking mighty fine, and Gerard — being the ladies man he is — clearly noticed. We caught the Scottish star checking out Kate’s bumpin’ backside while she was doing an on-camera interview. The best part? Kate was so wrapped up in her chat she didn’t even realize the dog-in-heat-like Gerry was ogling her lady hump.

Later that night, Gerard playfully presented the award for ‘Best Screenplay’ alongside Jenny A., who was clearly eating up the attention.

We know you’ve been played in the past Jen, so watch out! As we’ve learned at least fifteen times last year, a tiger never changes his stripes.

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