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EXCLUSIVE! We Know Jane Lynch's Secret Weakness: Hostess Cup Cakes!

Sun, January 17, 2010 10:54am EDT by 1 Comment

The Golden Globe-nominated comedian grew up scarfing down Hostess treats every week … and still can’t say no when tempted.

Jane Lynch might play the world’s toughest cheer-leading coach on “Glee,” but in real life, the funny lady will always hold a soft spot in her heart for her favorite childhood treats — Hostess Cup Cakes! Nominated for best supporting actress, Jane, 49, was a guest Jan. 15 at Access Hollywood’s exclusive Golden Globe gifting suite. Even though she was given everything from a FlipCam to unlimited free AMC movie tickets for an entire year, the laid-back actress couldn’t hold back her excitement for the inexpensive, 170-calorie sugary delights.

“She said she grew up right next to the Hostess factory in Illinois and every week was ‘Bargain Wednesday’ at the factory and they’d sell the ones that were about to expire for really cheap,” a rep for Hostess tells exclusively. “Her dad would take her over and get her boxes and boxes. She said they would devour the boxes in, like, two days.”

After scarfing down one of her favorite treats, Jane turned to the cameras in the suite and pulled material from her alter-ego’s running news segment, announcing, “This is how Sue ‘C’s’ cupcakes.”

Yet another example of what makes Jane Lynch such a badass.

Kirstin Benson

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