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Tori Spelling BFFs Bill and Scout are Ready to Adopt! Tori Wants 'Em to Have a Baby by Christmas!

Thu, January 14, 2010 5:15pm EDT by Add first Comment
Tori Spelling BFFs Bill and Scout are Ready to Adopt! Tori Wants 'Em to Have a Baby by Christmas!


Bill and Scout, the adorable “guncles” (gay uncle!) to Stella and Liam McDermott on “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” want to get their own little Bill or Scout!

Tori Spelling’s BFFs Bill Horn and Scout Masterson are trying to adopt a baby! On the Jan. 12 episode of “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,” these cuties announced that they are ready to make the move from guncles to dads, and are knee-deep in the adoption process. They dished to momlogic about how the adoption process is going, how Tori and Dean McDermott are helping, and what Liam and Stella are REALLY like at bath time!

On Tori & Dean, and the adoption:

Tori and Dean have been so amazing throughout the process. Like with the recommendations you saw on the show. When we saw those forms, it’s tough because you have to be cautious and you have to be very precise, and they were amazing. Dean took the pictures for our adoption brochure. He’s an amazing photographer. And they are over the moon about our finally having a baby.

Tori’s like, “We need a baby in the house by Christmas!” She’s so excited.

We’ve known Tori and Dean since the beginning of their relationship and I can honestly say, we’ve become even closer since they’ve had children because we just love the kids. Kids are work. People need to work at it.

How they are adopting:

We’re with this nonprofit called The Independent Adoption Center. They have a high success rate — 98% of heterosexual and gay couples adopt within two years. We’re very careful about the inquiries from people who may want to be on TV or something. But we haven’t found a birth mom yet.

We started the process last February, but there were a good five to six months of just getting everything done, from paperwork to clearances to fingerprints to physicals to home visits. I think we went on the books when we were finally able to look for a birth mom in August.

Liam and Stella:

Every little thing we do with them — now they are so talkative and their personalities are forming — it’s so amazing just to teach them things, like how to kick a ball. I can’t wait to take our kids to see a petting zoo, just teach them about the little things.

Already in our house, we have an organized wall of bins full of baby stuff Liam and Stella have outgrown. Organized by size: 3-6 months, 6-12 months, etc.

Kids love when Uncle Bill gives them a bath. They get to use the tub paints!

Read the whole interview on momlogic here.

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