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Ashley Greene Agrees with Miley: Being a Role Model Is 'Really Scary'

Thu, January 14, 2010 5:30pm EDT by Add first Comment


Who knew so many young Hollywood stars would be terrified of setting an example for their fans? Turns out, it’s totally common.

Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene feels your pain. The Twilight starlet agrees with the statement you made in Harper’s Bazaar last month — namely that you shouldn’t be expected to teach your young fans right from wrong because you’re still figuring that out for yourself.

“When girls come up and say, ‘You’re my role model,’ it’s really flattering, but it’s also really scary because I’m not perfect,” Ash, 22, says in Interview’s February issue. “I’m going to make mistakes.”

It’s been a process, but Ashley has finally come to grips with the fact that she’ll never be able to make those human mistakes in private. But the beginning of her Twilight-induced fame was so rough that it nearly drove her crazy.

“There was a moment in time where I was kind of having this mini-breakdown because it was all very new,” she confides to her Twilight Saga: New Moon co-star and interviewer  chief Volturian Michael Sheen. “I was going, ‘Why are people reporting on this? Why do people care what I’m wearing or what I’m eating, and why are people looking down on me because I’m not wearing high heels?'”

Unfortunately for Ashley, c’est la vie of a hot Hollywood star. At least she’s accepted that this is her own personal burden to bear. “That’s the downside to being in the public eye,” she laments.

But look on the bright side, Ash — at least you’re doing what you love!

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