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Should Gisele Bundchen Be Blamed For Tom Brady’s Lousy Performance on the Football Field?

Wed, January 13, 2010 10:00am EDT by 1 Comment

Do you think the wives and athletes of girlfriends are getting a bum rap for how their respective others perform on game day?

Tom Brady has been taking a lot of heat for his craptastic performance on the football field lately, and many naysayers are blaming his obvious distraction on wife of nearly a year, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and the couple’s newborn baby, Benjamin.

To set the record straight, the New England Patriots quarterback, 32, called into Boston-based radio show Dennis & Callahan Jan. 11 to discuss his team’s crushing Jan. 9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, but to fight back against his wife’s critics.

“Hopefully, because I got married, that doesn’t affect the way I play quarterback,” he said. “That’s not something that I’ve thought much about and said, ‘My performance as a football player is really going to go down because I got married or I’ve had children.’”

Gisele, 29, isn’t the only athlete’s wife to be blamed for her hubby’s performance: Jessica Simpson was considered to be a bad luck charm when she dated Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and NY Rangers hockey player Sean Avery made some comments about then-girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert that got him suspended.

But should these lovely ladies take the heat for their men-folks’ distractions? Dr. Joann Dahlkoetter, sports psychologist and author of Your Performing Edge, says NO WAY.

“To assume it’s the woman’s fault is ignorant,” says Dr. Dahlkoetter. “People always say ‘They were so good before they met so-and-so, but it’s [passionate male sports fans] that are to blame for the backlash. Women would never say that, because they understand the woman’s side of the story.”

As for his game-time disruptions Dr. Dahlkoetter says that that it’s only natural Tom would be preoccupied with thoughts of his wife and newborn son. “Family pressure is something you can’t your mind of, so you can lose a play, lose a game, lose an endorsement – all those things at once,” she tells

So all you Patriots fans, don’t blame Gisele – she’s just being a supportive wife. As for Tom, get it together man! We feel for you, honestly, but if you want to take your team anywhere near the Superbowl next year (you blew this year’s chances already) you’ve got to get your act together!