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Exclusive! Rihanna Wants to Keep Her Relationship With Matt Kemp Private…But He Has Different Ideas

Tue, January 12, 2010 11:30am EDT by 2 Comments

Relationship expert Matt Titus tells how you can keep your love life on the DL, Rihanna – and how to make your man stop posting videos on FunnyOrDie!

After having her relationship with Chris Brown literally explode in the public eye, who could blame Rihanna for wanting to keep her newest romance under wraps? Unfortunately for the 21-year-old songbird, she seems to have chosen a man who can’t keep his mouth shut.

“Rihanna wants to make her relationship work by keeping it out of the public eye,” says a close friend of the singer’s. “She had no idea that the paparazzi would follow her to Mexico [where she and Matt Kemp were vacationing on the Sea of Cortez last week] and has vowed to keep her new love on the DL.”

But does Matt, 25, know about that plan, Rihanna? If his FunnyOrDie/ spoof video is any indication, apparently not! “I’m outgoing, I’m rich and I like public ass groping,” the LA Dodgers center fielder said in the clip. “I’m just looking for a chick with a dude’s haircut that likes sharing umbrellas, ‘ellas, ‘ellas.” He added, “I don’t hit chicks. That’s a bad thing. I don’t do it. Ahem. Chris Brown.”

Matt really needs to keep his trap good and shut. But what can Rihanna do to enforce that….she can’t keep her lips locked to his forever.

“If Rihanna wants the relationship to work she is going to have to control it ASAP, and that means telling her ‘good friend’ Matt Kemp to focus on her and not his PR,” relationship expert Matt Titus tells Here are Matt’s four tips on how to make love last when your partner won’t stop blabbing.

  • Measure the commitment – Rihanna needs to lay down the law if there
    is any more information spilled by the Kemp camp.
  • For celebrities there is no “private” when it comes to “public” –
    be it Cabo or the North Pole, if you’re kissing you’re new love,
    someone is going to take a picture of you. Be smart, stay away from
    the deck of your “private” yacht when you want to suck face.
  • Actually put the PDA’s far away. Start out slow, its only been a
    New Year for eleven days. Lets keep this relationship building at a slower
    pace, so far the two have been seen joined at the hip everywhere from
    the hot spots of LA to her New Year’s Eve concert at the Emirates
    Palace in Abu Dhabi. Its time to balance.
  • Me, Myself and Rihanna. She’s young and in many ways still defines
    herself by her “man”, even after the tragedy with Brown. It is very
    important she stop that, like yesterday, the singer needs to keep time
    for herself. It’s OK if she’s under her “Umbrella” alone.

Hear that Rihanna? Holding your own umbrella isn’t a bad thing…at least there’s no chance you’ll get caught out in a storm.

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