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PART II: The Kardashians Are My Diet Coaches — And They’ve Helped Me to Lose Two Pounds in a Week!

Tue, January 12, 2010 1:21pm EDT by 13 Comments
PART II: The Kardashians Are My Diet Coaches — And They’ve Helped Me to Lose Two Pounds in a Week!

Are you wondering if QuickTrim is really a good way to drop extra pounds? Let me tell you about my first week test-driving the program.

I told you guys all about this before, but I’m trying QuickTrim’s two week Burn & Cleanse diet program to try and drop the extra poundage I packed on over the holidays. After seven days, I’m halfway through the process and have noticed a positive difference in the way I look and feel. (Thank goodness, I’m not experiencing some of the bat-sh** crazy side effects I read about in the chat rooms, like anal leakage. Ew.)

Day 4

7:30 A.M. When I woke up, my stomach was really rockin’ and rollin’ from the probiotics (good bacteria) in last night’s pills. It reminds me of the yogurt Activia. Guess that’s good … less bloating.

11:30 P.M. Tonight’s going to be a LATE night because my friends have a concert in Echo Park. Luckily, I’m still feeling fabulous.

12:36 A.M. I’m still out and I’m starving! My friends and I duck into this little coffee shop and order dessert to share. I can’t even tell you what I’m eating right now because it’s pretty much the unhealthiest meal of all time. (Think butter, sugar, chocolate and more.) I’m ashamed. There goes the diet (unhappy face).

Day 5

6: 42 A.M. I got three hours of sleep last night, which is one of the reasons today was harder to stay focused. Just a guess. When you’re tired it’s harder to stick to your guns! That’s all for life lessons now. Must. Sleep. So Tired.

Day 6

8: 26 P.M. TODAY WAS AWESOME. Why, you ask? First, I talked to the Kardashian sisters, who gave me some hope. They told me they’d had a hard time fitting in their work outs every day too. “Committing yourself to working out five times a week can be pretty tough,” Khloe sympathized. “I’m the type of person who gets bored easily, so I keep myself motivated by switching up my work out routine. I love to alternate boxing, running and hiking.”

Keeping that in mind, I headed down to the gym and proceeded to pound the treadmill for more than an hour. Then I did about an hour of stretching, sit-ups, etc. (next to a really hot athlete, might I add). So many endorphins for so many reasons!

Day 7

2 P.M. Cannot move. So sore. Nevertheless, I pull myself together (after eating a healthy breakfast of egg whites and stir-fried veggies, as well as drinking several cups of water) and go running for the second day in a row. Aren’t you proud of me? This time I only run 2.7 miles, but it hurts like hell nonetheless. Half way down … seven more days to go.

P.S. People have been asking me where you can get QuickTrim. It’s now being sold nationally at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid.

How is your New Year’s weight loss resolution going?


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