Elin Nordegren Tells Tiger Woods: I'm Totally Over You!

Sat, January 9, 2010 1:34pm EST by 8 Comments


More Publicly Than Ever, Elin Steps Out Smiling — Sans Ring!

Elin Nordegren is ready to be a single woman and put all this Tiger Woods nonsense behind her. But instead of making a big public announcement, she’s letting her actions speak for her.

Elin has been spotted going about her usual routine, looking incredible while running errands with children Charlie, 2, and Sam, 10 months. But there’s one thing she’s cut out of her everyday life — her wedding ring! Yes, Elin has been going ringless for quite some time now, a clear sign that she wants nothing to do with that cheating hubby of hers.

She’s also trading in her hybrid Cadillac Escalade, neighbors tell TMZ, in an effort to rid herself of anything that may remind her of Tiger. She’s reportedly upgrading to a slick, black Cadillac SRX. (And no, in case you’re wondering, the Escalade she’s trading in is not the same one Tiger was driving the night of his crash. They obviously own two — duh!)

Tiger, meanwhile, hasn’t been quite as publicly upbeat as Elin. He was rumored to be staying with a friend, New York Knicks owner Jim Dolan, on Long Island — but Dolan’s rep denies the whole thing. The other possibility is that Tiger has headed out to sea! His $20 million yacht named “Privacy” was seen leaving its North Palm Beach dock on Jan. 6, though it hasn’t been confirmed that Tiger is on board.

Wherever Tiger is, it’s got to be crushing for him to see his wife looking so happy while he’s literally been forced into hiding.

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Posted at 9:09 AM on January 10, 2010  

it is funny how people can throw so many stones at other peoples houses. we always want stars and people with fame to act a certain way or live by our standards and morals and when they don’t we can throw boulders

Maybe his wife is keeping him away from his children. Everyone have their own dirty little secrets.
if you have a pure and blemish free life than by all means throw stones.

And I don’t believe for one second that his wife did not know about all these women…even Tiger is not that GOOD… with half his money she will be fine I am sure. smiling all the way to the bank.

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Posted at 6:56 AM on January 10, 2010  

“Elin has been going ringless for quite some time now, a clear sign that she wants nothing to do with that cheating hubby of hers.”

However, probably still wants everything to do with his money.

But this is his fault, of course.

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Posted at 3:57 AM on January 10, 2010  

Hey what the hell is going on here? I have been monitoring this bruhaha and i cant but come to terms that what has unfolded after that fateful morning of the crash was all set up. Why do i say that? In as much as i am not vouching for Tiger Wood or in support of cheating in one’s marriage, I know too well that Tiger Wood was not the first man that slept with Elin ( breaking her chastity) and Elin and those fanning this fire to rage wouldnt tell us to believe that she(Elin) never cheated on her boyfriend ever. Should Tiger wood be one church rat poor man, would money conscious Elin and her co-sponsors be willing to have a hand shake with him not to talk of saying “I DO” with him?
We all make mistakes and Tiger has made his, therefore, people should mind their business and allow the couple to resolve their differences at least He (Tiger) publicly accepted his mistakes and appologized. Should Elin allow those who are jealous of her marriage destroy it by seeking for a divorce, she will not only confirm what is already in the minds of billions of the great Tiger wood fans that her marriage to Tiger was arranged as set-up and envy because of his rising profile but also to have a share of his wealth.
It will not do Elin any good to greedly ask for divorce because of the money she will get but she will surely be imortalized if she chose the best way which is to resolve this issue with the husband if she truely love him and forget what those angels of darkness outside are advising her to do. mckenz2005@hotmail.com

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Posted at 12:53 AM on January 10, 2010  

all that money all that money. i tell you what sad about not only this relationship gone bad or never had a chance, but look at all the other ones. people with so much money and can’t even manage it. so many people with little or no food or shelter. children with little or no education. should i go on. there should be a law instilled in all divorce courts around the world, couples assests in excess of say 10 mil, a percentage should go to people in need. the fact is, tiger and elin married for the wrong reasons. tiger’s motive was to mary and have a family, good image for endorsements. ya think. elin, well, she was diggin for gold from the start. bless her heart. she had all those other golfers sniffen her trail of scent, but she decided tiger would be a little better. ya think. so to sum it up, if this would be the truth and nothing but the truth, would tiger be guilty of embezzling from those endorsement companies to some degree? endorsements are about image no matter how you break it down. i’m surprised his not getting sued. a scam is a scam. you think tiger has a political future? elin already has it in her blood. enough said.

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Shauny T

Posted at 8:33 PM on January 9, 2010  

Right, right…This is such a HUGE story. Tiget is such a horrible person, yada, yada,yada. But how do you know Elin was not fooling around on Tiger at the same time he was fooling around on her. She had just as much autonomy as he did at the same time. Keep in mind that until about a month ago, nobody ever knew Tiger was doing anything wrong. What makes you think Elin is all that innocent? Just like everyone thought Tiger was such a squeaky clean guy, people think that Elin is such a squeaky clean girl. Just because there hasn’t been a crazy blowup about her cheating on Tiger doesn’t mean she has been faithful to him 100%. But what would happen if Tiger caught Elin cheating on her and ran her down in her car and smashed in the windshield with a golf club with her in it? Everyone would say he is a psycho brute and he was abusive to her. Double standard. He’d be damned either way. And honestly, the fact is that this sort of thing goes on everyday. If it were Boo Weekely (I doubt many people even know who he is, certainly less people who know who Tiger Woods is) who was caught cheating on his wife? Nobody would even care. It just goes to show that people are so fixated on wealth and those who have it. Does the offenses Tiger Woods committed carry more wieght, or are they worse than another person committing them just because of his wealth? Would it be worse if a person with more money than Tiger Woods committed these acts? Or would it be not as bad if Boo Weekley committed these offenses just because he doesn’t have as much money as Tiger Woods? All I’m saying is that if he didn’t have that much money nobody would even care about this. But since he does have a lot of money, somehow this is more worthy of the public eye. By the way, Boo Weekley is a professional golfer on the PGA tour who helped lead the United States over Europe in the 2008 Ryder cup…But he’s not as wealthy as Tiger Woods, so I’m sure you have never heard of him.

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Posted at 5:26 PM on January 9, 2010  


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Posted at 4:04 PM on January 9, 2010  

elin should cut her losses and move on with HER children. any visitation tiger has with HER children should be supervised because he’s a weird, psycho sex addict – definately not father material!!!!!

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Posted at 2:28 PM on January 9, 2010  

I don’t see how Elin could possibly stay with Tiger after he cheated on her with so many women. If my hubby ever made it necessary for me to get tested for STDs – I don’t see how I could ever forgive him. Tiger (allegedly) slept with escorts and porn stars. I doubt very much that condoms were used every time. Can you imagine how much stress and fear Elin must be feeling knowing that Tiger may have infected her with any number of things?! Disgusting.

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