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Elin Nordegren Tells Tiger Woods: I'm Totally Over You!

Sat, January 9, 2010 1:34pm EDT by 8 Comments


More Publicly Than Ever, Elin Steps Out Smiling — Sans Ring!

Elin Nordegren is ready to be a single woman and put all this Tiger Woods nonsense behind her. But instead of making a big public announcement, she’s letting her actions speak for her.

Elin has been spotted going about her usual routine, looking incredible while running errands with children Charlie, 2, and Sam, 10 months. But there’s one thing she’s cut out of her everyday life — her wedding ring! Yes, Elin has been going ringless for quite some time now, a clear sign that she wants nothing to do with that cheating hubby of hers.

She’s also trading in her hybrid Cadillac Escalade, neighbors tell TMZ, in an effort to rid herself of anything that may remind her of Tiger. She’s reportedly upgrading to a slick, black Cadillac SRX. (And no, in case you’re wondering, the Escalade she’s trading in is not the same one Tiger was driving the night of his crash. They obviously own two — duh!)

Tiger, meanwhile, hasn’t been quite as publicly upbeat as Elin. He was rumored to be staying with a friend, New York Knicks owner Jim Dolan, on Long Island — but Dolan’s rep denies the whole thing. The other possibility is that Tiger has headed out to sea! His $20 million yacht named “Privacy” was seen leaving its North Palm Beach dock on Jan. 6, though it hasn’t been confirmed that Tiger is on board.

Wherever Tiger is, it’s got to be crushing for him to see his wife looking so happy while he’s literally been forced into hiding.

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