Tiger — Why Aren't You With Your Precious Cubs?

Fri, January 8, 2010 2:31pm EST by 4 Comments


Why is hiding to protect your ‘image’ more important than being with them?

Tiger Woods why aren’t you spending time with your cutie kids? Your little babies, Sam Alexis, 2, and Charlie, 10 months, are being cradled by their mom Elin Nordegren, going to pre-school, and being taken to out and about  and YOU ARE NOWHERE!

How can you miss these precious moments — little Sam wearing a tutu and carrying her own juice box? And tiny Charlie in his navy beanie and little booties holding his bottle.

Elin’s being a great mom — pulling them down the street in their little red wagon, taking them to playdates and birthday parties. But you’ve had no daddy bonding time with them at all!  Spending time with your cubs should have zoomed to the top of your priority list. Instead, I bet you’re focused on evading the paparazzi, so no one can get that first photo of you!

But then of course, you’ve never made your adorable babies your priority. As we all now know, you preferred to tuck YOURSELF in with tarty babes rather tuck your children in at night. Your priorities were and continue to be all wrong!

One day, when Sam and Charlie, grow up and you’re a stranger — you’ll be really sorry! — Bonnie Fuller


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Posted at 1:53 AM on January 11, 2010  

You people are really amazing. If you look at Elin and how she dresses I don’t think that she has ever left the house in torn jeans. The picture that was posted a day ago, is not Elin, but her twin sister. Elin’s hair is more blond than her sisters. She may have toned down the color, but the picture yesterday was not Elin. And how do people know everything going on in Tiger’s life and why is he not seeing his kids. You don’t know if Elin told him not to. But everyone has their opinions on where he is and what is he doing. Elin could not have been too sad about Tiger, if she is spending his money going on lavish ski trips. Was she doing any of that when she was Jespar Parnivik’s Nanny.
I am not going to say that she is innocent in all of this. Because, a lot of people are saying that Tiger does not want to admit to his wife hitting him. Just say he did tell the truth about the inciident inside of the house. Would you be asking why hasn’t Elin seen the kids. If Tiger had been home and Elin was out cheating, and he beat her down. He would be in jail right now. I am so tired of these lazy ass women who think that they have to marry someone who has money, and thinks that when the marriage fails for one reason or another they deserve half. I have not seen Elin carry any golf bags on the tour to claim half of anything.
And just as they are saying in the media that she knew of Tiger’s affairs, why not leave then… don’t wait until it is announced in the papers that he is the first Billionaire Athlete. You then decide that you want to throw a tyraid. Men cheat and women cheat too. Don’t make it seem like oh this blond haired woman needs our support. Please give me a break. And what about when Elin had those nude photos, and she said that they were not her. Who was it then her twin sister. But Tiger helped her out and she got millions. I think that all she was after is money, and if someone can tell me differently, I will change my opinion. I just don’t think that Elin is all that innocent. And when the truth finally comes out about her… and yes it will. You can say amongst yourselves that she sure had me fooled. I would have never guessed that she could be that deceitful.
Elin’s time is coming and when Tiger get back on his feet, and starts to handle things better with the help of his mother, and a family member… I don’t care if it is his caddie Steve Williams to make sure that he is doing the right things for himself and his kids. He can put her narrow ass on a plane and send her back to Sweden, or maybe she can get Jespar Parnevik to hook her up with another rich golfer… oh, I’m sorry the money to be paid out on the tournaments may not be as huge as before. Sorry Elin, I guess you have to stick to being a Nanny… She seems to be doing well so far… She already has two kids to take care of, and looking to increase her income. All I’m saying is that these women need to stop running after rich men, get a job start your own career. I have yet to see a man get half of what his wife earned or made before, during or after the relationships for what ever the situation may be. Listen up women (not all) but those of you who know who you are. Golddiggers is not a job or a career. Look it up. Enough said

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Posted at 4:03 PM on January 8, 2010  

i hope people aren’t surprised by this because a man that cheats on his wife – Has no love or respect for his wife or his children = the family. he’s a filthy pig and i hope he looses EVERYTHING!

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Posted at 4:02 PM on January 8, 2010  

Cheating is wrong any way you put it. But damn, the kids are still babies. Couldn’t you at least wait until they were able to form complete sentences before you decided to go out and ho-cat???

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Posted at 1:40 PM on January 8, 2010  

I doubt he ever spent much time with them – when would he fit that in?

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