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OMG Cher — What Have You Done to Your Face? Doc Weighs In

Fri, January 8, 2010 4:41pm EDT by 3 Comments


Trying to turn back time, Cher has gone under the knife again.

Cher, we give you kudos for your great bod. You are in AMAZING shape for 63 — or any age! But you are beautiful enough! Why have you so radically altered your appearance — and you keep doing it over and over again?

We don’t think cheeks like these exist in nature, so we asked plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek to weigh in on the difference between how you look today and before you went under the scalpel. This is what he thinks you’ve had done:

Eyes: “I suspect she’s had her eyes done since the shape of both her upper and lower lids is different.”

Cheeks: “Definitely a face lift with cheek implants.”

Neck: “Neck lift is usually part of a face lift.”

Lips: “Lips have also been augmented most likely with one of the newer fillers such as Restylane or Juvaderm.”

Skin: “She’s also likely had a chemical peel or laser treatment to her face since her skin color is too pale for someone her age (or almost any age).”

Sounds like a lot, Cher! Dr. Fallek adds, “She’s wearing bangs so it would be hard to say whether she regularly uses botox but it would be a safe assumption.”

We love you Cher — but, really, we love you just the way you are!