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Diet Like Sara Rue: Get Her Jenny Craig Meal Plan at!

Wed, January 6, 2010 11:36am EDT by Add first Comment


Did you resolve to lose weight this year? Take a page out of Sara Rue’s food diary and watch the calories melt away!

Sara Rue has a new year’s resolution: she’s going to follow her diet! The new Jenny Craig spokesperson explains that the biggest problem with losing weight is actually making a commitment and sticking to a set diet. “I desperately want to stick to Jenny Craig, and I’ve been doing very well,” Sara tells exclusively. She adds, “You need to get into a committed state. You need to stay in that health and fitness groove.”

But staying in the groove doesn’t mean denying yourself. Admits the 30-year-old actress, “The thing I was missing most was being able to have a glass of wine with dinner. I figured I couldn’t drink, so why bother asking? But I finally told my consultant, ‘I really want a glass of wine!’ and she taught me how to manage my diet accordingly. Instead of having dessert I’ll have a glass of wine. Both have the same amount of calories and wine converts to sugar anyway, so I never feel deprived of not having what I want.” Laughs Sara, “It’s not like I drink every day, but when I want to have a glass of wine with my honey [fiancé Kevin Price] I can feel like I’m not cheating. It’s nice to know that every option is available as long as I know how to manage it.”

With the menu Sara is offering up – that shouldn’t be hard! And best yet – everything below maxes out at 1300 calories. Um, sign us up!


“Today I had Jenny Craig maple nut hot cereal – it’s oatmeal with nuts and grains and takes less than five minutes to make,” Sara says. “I added ¾ of a cup of mixed berries, but sometimes I’ll add a banana and sometimes I’ll sprinkle cinnamon on top for extra flavor.”


“I’ll have a Jenny Craig Anytime bar or a cup of cottage cheese with a cup of berries to tide me over until lunchtime.”


“My favorite Jenny Craig meal is the enchiladas. It takes four minutes to microwave, so while that’s’ happening I’ll chop up a ton of romaine lettuce and add two tablespoons of salsa as a kind of salad dressing. Then I’ll chop up the enchiladas – the rice, cheese and beans – and toss in with the lettuce, which makes a great warm taco salad.”


“I’ll have a piece of fruit, like an apple.”


“I’ll have one of the JC dinners – I’ve been eating a lot of macaroni and cheese lately. I know it doesn’t sound super healthy, but they make it with low-fat cheese and lots of whole grains and steamed asparagus.”


“I usually have the cheesecake or popcorn.”