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Poor Farrah Fawcett: You Must Be Rolling Over in Your Grave After Your Son Redmond Sentenced to Jail on Drug Charges! Again!

Tue, January 5, 2010 6:30pm EDT by 1 Comment


Redmond O’Neal—how could you let your mom down by possessing drugs again—now you’ve been ordered back to jail for at least 30 days!

Get a grip, Redmond. It’s time to grow up—you’re 24-years-old, and it’s time to get clean from drugs for good. You’ve already been in jail for six months and rehab three times. Now, on your first 24-hour pass out of court-ordered drug rehab, you get arrested on a drug felony charge for possession… again!

Isn’t it finally time to make something out of your life and make your mom, Farrah Fawcett, proud of you? Wasn’t it enough that you weren’t able to see her while she was dying? Wasn’t that enough to give you the guts and gumption to kick your drug addiction for good?

Apparently, you read a letter that you wrote to Judge Tynan, who you appeared before, and it impressed him—”I read a rather thoughtful letter,” he said.

And you’re lucky that at this point you’ve just been ordered back to Wayside Detention Center for just 30 days. You could face up to six years of prison time because your latest arrest violates the probation terms of your previous arrest.

So Redmond, make your dear mother Farrah happy and rehab yourself once and for all!

You don’t want to be another Casey Johnson, DJ AM, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, or Michael Jackson, and waste your life by dying way, way before your time!

—Bonnie Fuller


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