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Hey, Bachelor Man Jake Pavelka — Would You Actually Give Up Flying for Love?

Tue, January 5, 2010 1:29pm EDT by Add first Comment
Posted Tue, January 5, 2010 1:29pm EDT

Jake’s Answer: “Love is more powerful than flying!”

Hey Jake Pavelka, we are so happy that you chosel, Ali Fedotowsky from California, who we predicted  could be The One for you, to make it to the next round of 15 girls on “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.” You seemed totally taken by her when she stepped out of the limo and her gift of the peacock feather definitely grabbed your attention (this is how peacocks attract mates)! And, we guessed right! Ali was the first one you chose to for some alone time — this made the other girls very, very jealous. Jake, we just hope that you mean what you say about about “love [being] more powerful than flying,”  because poor Ali has not flown in 8 years! It’s her biggest fear! But…maybe you can change that and help her board her next flight — to destination love!

Jake, though we are sad that you said goodbye to Sheila Lidner, we do have hopes for a new girl — Tenley Molzahn— who received the first impression rose. She seems very brave. It takes a lot of courage to ask a man for a kiss — and she did just that. Lucky girl! Not only did she get the first rose, but she got the first kiss! We can say confidently that every girl who watched this last night had good reason to be jealous!

Now watch out Jake, a few girls look like trouble makers.

Watch out for:

  1. Michelle Kujawa aka Water-Works: She seems way too emotional to handle a stable relationship. Her tears within the first hour of the party prove that. Think about this Jake…if she can’t handle a simple introduction without getting jealous, how will she deal with long-term commitment? We think, not very well. Be careful.
  2. Vienna Girardi, the party girl: Full of energy but we guess she’s a drama queen. We bet  she starts many of the fights in the house as the season goes on. Hey, at least she provides us with entertainment, but, that’s not why you are there. Let her have her fun. Just don’t let it ruin your flight.
  3. The Unknown Cheater: The confirmation is in! One of the bachelorettes has been asked to leave the show for having an affair with one of the producers. “It was embarrassing for us…incredibly unfortunate [and] horrible decisions were made. This is something that we took very seriously and it’s something that we couldn’t sit by,” says host Chris Harrison to KBIH radio station in LA (104.3 FM) on Jan. 4. Though this new information has surfaced, we have yet to find out which girl got booted.

Cheaters will be cheaters. There’s no stopping them. So, Jake, don’t burn any fuel over this incident. You are still in route to finding your true love. No emergency landing needed!

Which Bachelorette do you think is the cheater? Vote below!

– Lindsey DiMattina

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